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Tryout List (v1.3)

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IDDescriptionOrganizationTryout DateStart TimeEnd TimeAgesDistance
2164Call for try out- we need 1 elite pitcherHeart of Ohio Glory2014-04-2006:00am06:00am14u
2180Need a Pitcher. Will see lots of timeOhio Blast2014-04-2206:00pm07:30pm10u
2178Looking for Pitchers & Catchers all ages 2014Dynamites Fastpitch2014-04-2306:00am06:00am18u
2177Need Another pitcher & Outfielders for 2014Dynamites Fastpitch2014-04-2406:00am06:00am18u
2174Need Pitcher and 3rd Baseman/ShortstopPhoenix Elite 18U2014-04-2606:00am08:00pm18u
2175Need Pitcher and 3rd Baseman/ShortstopPhoenix Elite 18U2014-04-2606:00am06:00am18u
216514u Tryout (updated time)Ohio Xtreme Xplosion2014-04-2601:00pm03:00pm14u
216612u Tryout (updated time)Ohio Xtreme Xplosion2014-04-2601:00pm03:00pm12u
213310U Catcher and Utility- good bat! Call.Ohio Ice- Orange2014-04-2805:00pm07:00pm10u
208810u Pitcher/Infielder neededROC Elite2014-05-0106:00am07:00am10u
208712u Alternate player any positionROC Elite 20012014-05-0107:00am06:00am12u
2169Call for a try out-14u pitcher neededHeart of Ohio Glory2014-05-0406:00am06:00am14u
2179Looking for players for 2014 any positionBuckeye Heat2014-05-1006:00am06:00am10u
2171Need Pitcher and Shortstop/3rdBasemanPhoenix Elite2014-06-0106:00am09:00pm