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  1. ckelley
    ckelley Jennifer Hamm
    OFC heat is looking to add another pitcher to the 14u team
  2. LFDblazingbats
    LFDblazingbats TheBearMay
    Hello, Is there any way to be able to edit our Title that shows up on the ASA tournament page on this site? I put it as '2019 Blazing Bats' and i want it to say '2019 Liberty Firefighters Blazing Bats ASA ENQ'. is that possible? thx
  3. Tacuma Swanson
    Tacuma Swanson Mls715
    Can you give me a text to chat
    614-493-6740 Coach Tee
  4. Diamond Elite 16U DK
    Diamond Elite 16U DK
    Diamond Elite 16u is still looking for 1 pitcher an 1outfielder ! Please contact Dave Kulcsar @ 330-715-5188 .
  5. robertccarter
    robertccarter Tornado35
    My name is Chuck Carter - I am the head coach of Sting - Elite 16U. We have a couple more indoor practices before school ball starts and would love to see your daughter at a workout.

    My number is 937-286-7862 -
    Team Name: Aftershock 16U Coach Name: Doug Rager Location: Pickerington/Amanda Email: Phone Number: (614) 325-6039
  7. Danwhitacre
    Danwhitacre Tornado35
    My name is Dan Whitacre call me at 330-958-7195 if interested
  8. Dustin Bridgeman
    Dustin Bridgeman
    New to the softball world, have one in 12U and one in 8U. Help out coaching the 12U team.
  9. bowmer
    thank you
  10. eriediamondshill
    eriediamondshill Tornado35
    My name is Tony Hill, I am the head coach of the Lady Irish 16u Gold. We have a high exposure schedule set up including lasers nation. We would love to talk to you about this upcoming summer, we have our last practice before the fall this coming sunday. My number is 330-241-8481
  11. Slugger 14
    Slugger 14
    Slugger 14U is looking to add a #1/#2 pitcher with experience to a solid team. Contact Coach Larry Withrow 513-368-5159 for a tryout.
  12. sam holp
    sam holp
    Home Field Elite 12U Softball is looking to add 2 players to the 2019 Roster. Please call Coach Sam Holp if interested. 937-829-0084
  13. Mozac#11
    Mozac#11 Schaar03
    Hi Schaar03, if your still looking to join a team for the 2019 season... I am still looking for a catcher. The team (Valley Extreme) is made up of 14 and 15 year old kids. If interested call me 330-550-5921 Bob.
  14. CARDS
    CARDS bowmer
    email me at and I will send you several example profiles.
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  15. Benjamin Shepherd
    Benjamin Shepherd
    12u Devils Fastpitch 07 is looking for a Pitcher. Please Call/ Text Ben Shepherd 330-962-4452
  16. neofreezefastpitch
    neofreezefastpitch streak22
    Did your daughter find a home as a catcher somewhere? I may be seeking a starting catcher with a stick. New 14U team out of Medina, OH. Combination of 04 and 05. Let me know. Thanks Coach Hunter 216-339-1905.
    1. streak22
      we are practicing with a team currently but have yet to commit anywhere yet
      Jan 24, 2019
  17. ErieDiamonds02
    ErieDiamonds02 LineDrive1434
    My name is Tony Hill I have a 16u team out of the toledo area, it's a long drive for you but we have a pretty impressive schedule to play this summer, including Lasers Nation. My number is 3302418481 if you're interested
  18. ErieDiamonds02
    ErieDiamonds02 HeavyHarry
    Nwo Lady Irish 16u gold is looking for one more, competitive showcase schedule including lasers nation. Call Tony at 3302418481 I look forward to hearing from you
  19. sundogs14u
    16U SunDogs Dubena
  20. White
    We are really up NE in the Lake County Area