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  1. DanMaz
    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
  2. DanMaz
    He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears.
  3. DanMaz
    An obstacle is often a stepping stone
  4. Ohio Rebels Red
    Ohio Rebels Red
    “Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.” ~Woody Hayes
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  5. DanMaz
    dont judge someone based on the opinion of others
  6. John Gavin
    John Gavin 40deer
    Did you find a team yet?
  7. John Gavin
    John Gavin G2Caps
    Did you find a team yet?
  8. John Gavin
    John Gavin Mackenzie Simons
    Did you find a team yet? Youngstown ohio area
  9. John Gavin
    John Gavin bprospal
    Did you find a team yet!
  10. John Gavin
    John Gavin bubpub314
    Did you find a team yet?
  11. John Gavin
    John Gavin Softball#1
    Did you find a team yet
  12. John Gavin
    John Gavin bubpub314
    We're out of Youngstown, ohio. Would that work for you?
  13. Central Ohio Dynamites 02
  14. CRAY
    CRAY Mike Pauline
    Hello MIke. The check for Chardon Storm 16u will be in the mail tomorrow.
  15. Neiman41
    Neiman41 Kristy Hillyer
    Buckeye Charge out of the Akron/Canton area is looking for one more girl due to an injury to complete our roster. Are you still looking for a team? Is so contact Coach Mark at 330-704-9652 or email at
  16. Coach Ankrom
    Coach Ankrom taylormade
    Call or text Coach Ankrom at 740-821-2263 to talk about our opportunity.
  17. legends Athletics Amherst
    legends Athletics Amherst
    Hello! We are a new Softball/baseball training facility in Amherst Ohio. We have tons of classes and clinics for athletes to sign up for!
  18. Tallmadge Force Gray
    Tallmadge Force Gray Mike Pauline
    Hey Mike, if I’m able to, I’d like to take that last 10U spot! I am the manager for Tallmadge force Gray
  19. Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker
    Hello, my name is Brooke Parker and I was a pitcher at BGSU 2015-19. I have pitching lesson available! Please contact
  20. Chris Adams
    Chris Adams
    Passionate Coach of a Passionate Team