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  1. jbaugh33
    jbaugh33 jdavis1981
    Lightning Fastpitch 04 looking to add 1 or 2 more to talented roster. Practice in Newark. Fall tournaments Marietta, Heath, Zanesville, Lancaster, Columbus Berliner.
    Coach Jason 740-252-1988
  2. jbaugh33
    jbaugh33 Playersmom2003
    We are Lightning Fastpitch 04, we are playing fall tournaments in Marietta, Heath, Zanesville, Columbus Berliner, Marion Looking for sub or permanent roster add specific another pitcher.
    Practice in Newark Ohio
    Coach Jason 740-252-1988,
  3. Milly Ways
    Milly Ways Passion4theGame
    Any of them '06/'05 picthers? I know of a team that practices in the Zanesville area.
    1. Passion4theGame
      No pitchers.....
      Sep 22, 2021 at 5:25 PM
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  4. AceGRC
    AceGRC jdavis1981
    Our 16U Team is in need of A Catcher / Utility player. 614-329-3040
    If still look please give me a call
  5. Neiman41
    Neiman41 jdavis1981
    Are you still looking for a team?
  6. Neiman41
    Neiman41 kgates
    We are looking for a sub for this Saturday? Are you available?
  7. chloe sowry
    chloe sowry
    Ohio Wave 12u Coach
  8. Joshua Dickey
    Joshua Dickey
    We are excited to announce the opening of SSC Akron "The Dirt" (former Spano Dome) the facility is open for rental, league & tourney play
  9. Alliechinchar
    2023 grad, Valley Extreme Buck 04, 5.0 w GPA, OF/MIF
  10. lindsaytaylor
    Our daughter is a 2012 birth year and we are looking for a B/C level 9U or 10U team within 1hr. of Miami County 937-216-6832. Thanks!
  11. Chad Koles
    Chad Koles
    Vikings Elite 12u
  12. Gbaugh34
    Gbaugh34 Alanna Williams
    Will there be a tourney held in June in 2022 around the 12th?
    1. Alanna Williams
      Alanna Williams
      for the lasers organization or for Lasers North specifically ?
      Aug 26, 2021
    2. Gbaugh34
      For the lasers in Columbus
      I had seen it was in those dates last season wondering if it is again in 2022
      Aug 28, 2021
    3. Alanna Williams
      Alanna Williams
      The lasers organization has multiple tournaments throughout the summer. We try and stick with the same weekends. You can check out our website for more info
      Sep 1, 2021
  13. Kelly keller
    Kelly keller dadof3
    Nor sure how Far East you are looking? We are near Youngstown and looking for a starting pitcher who will get plenty of pitching. If interested let me know. We are 18u and I have a couple 05’s on my team now.
    3308438525 Kelly
  14. Robert Bynum
    Robert Bynum
    Elevate fastpitch 16u
  15. Bea Harvey Speakman
    Bea Harvey Speakman
    Head Coach: Harvey Speakman 614-597-0115
  16. Bea Harvey Speakman
    Bea Harvey Speakman
    Central Ohio Pride 04
  17. Valley 07
    Valley 07 katie krulik
    Hello Katie, did you find a place to coach? If not, please call or text Scott Munnell 330.599.6827
  18. Coach Brunty
    Coach Brunty
    2021-2022 Team has disbanded. All tryouts have been canceled for August 2021.
  19. Christy Mcilquham
    Christy Mcilquham
    10U Ohio Hawks team (Cincinnati Based) holding tryouts for 2022 season on 8/15, 2-5PM. call/text 513-889-6646 for more info.(2011 birth yr)
  20. Cuyahoga Falls Softball
    Cuyahoga Falls Softball
    Ohio Charge has taken our team to the Akron Racers organization. Same team, better perks. We're now the Racers-Williams '05