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    Not sure what the mix up was, but I am running the same 10U and 12U Coaches Poll I have done over the past 5 yrs. Here is how I will run things:

    *1 Pre Season Poll, which will be held the week following the Spano Dome Tournament.
    *Weekly polls will folllow starting the week of April 27th with votes being sent to me by either PM, Email. steiner22ja@aol.com I have even had many coaches that have my number text me their votes.
    *This is a Coaches Poll for OHIO teams only, with only Coaches being allowed to vote. In the past I allowed addicted members as well, but with the old site wiping out everyones status, we will stick to coaches only this year.
    *Each team is allowed 1 representative(Coach) from their team to cast a vote on behalf of their team.
    * Send to me in a #1 - #10 format looking like this:
    1. Big City Bombers
    2. Small Town Snails
    10. Southside Slappers

    *I will assign pts as follows: #1 = 10pts, #2 = 9pts, etc down to #10 = 1pt
    *Make sure you put your name and what team you are representing when sending your vote
    * Feel free to include some commentary on teams. I appreciate getting info on the teams from around the state.
    * I will keep the voting completely confidental. I do not discuss what coaches voted for who.
    * Over the years, I have had a few coaches that have had agendas in their voting style from week to week, but for the most part, I get honest opinions of how teams are ranked.
    * The big change for this year will be trying to get the Poll released on Tuesdays by noon so that Ricky and Jeff can discuss the results each week on the Radio Show.
    * Votes will be needed to be sent in by Mondays at midnight to assure your vote is counted in the weekly poll. I will post results by noon on Tuesdays.
    * In the past I have been told that "Only the big organizations get voted for and how can a local team get recognized?" If your team is good enough to show well at bigger tournaments and continues to play good competition, you will get noticed in the polls.

    I will put a "call out post" for votes on the Sunday of the Spano Tourny.
    Good Luck to all teams in 2015!

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  2. oiler_pride

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    With the 12U Spano Dome Tourny being held this weekend. I will be asking 12U Coaches to submit their Top 10 between Sunday night and late Monday night.
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    Jeff ... thanks for doing this. We'd ideally like to use the Tuesday night radio show to announce the results of each week's poll ... can the timing and communications (i.e., e-mail to Ricky or me by 7:00PM Tuesdays) be worked out to accommodate this on an ongoing basis?
  4. mike_dyer

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    Bob's Waterbeds for the win!

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