10U Coaches Poll FINAL WEEK (7-27-20) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by Wednesday night 11pm. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote.
    Must include teams #1-10 in your vote.

    I will post results around Noon on Thursday.

    You can PM me or email me at my EMAIL ADDRESS : jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com
  2. Wolfpack31

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    Wolfpack 09 went 6-0 this past weekend, winning the Celine Wyatt Memorial Tournament...

    With only the World Series at Berliner remaining, the teams current 2019/2020 record stands at 54-15-2 and 4 Tournament Championships. 10 of our 15 losses were to teams in the top 10. The other 5 losses were to the Indy Gators 09, twice to Finesse Davis 09 and Outlaws PA Frengel.

    Also of note, our team has played in every single tournament this season with the same 11 players we selected last fall, not one time did we need or use a sub or should I say bring in a sub or two and play them over our own players!

    Grateful for the opportunity to play this season, and very proud of our team for competing at a high level for much of the season. Thank you to all the great 09 teams who help make us better!

    Good luck to everyone the rest of the season!

    Pool Play
    Wolfpack 7 - Ohio Storm 5
    Wolfpack 9 - KL Athletics 3

    Double Elimination
    Wolfpack 5 - Lasers Blue 3
    Wolfpack 9 - Ohio Emeralds 09 5
    Wolfpack 10 ‐ Ohio Stingrays 09 2

    Wolfpack 16 - Ohio Emeralds 09 4
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  3. swilliamson22

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    OhioEmeralds’09 would like to congratulate Wolfpack’09 on winning Celine Wyatt Memorial Tourney, it was a grueling double elimination tourney and they much deserved the tourney win! They are a great team and we ran out of gas coming through the losers bracket to finish runners-up at the event.

    Results from this past weekend:

    L vs Stingrays09
    W vs Lasers Blue
    ——— double elimination———
    W vs Ohio Storm 09
    L vs Wolfpack’09
    W vs Ohio BullDawgs
    W vs Ohio Storm 2010
    W vs Stingrays09
    L vs Wolfpack’09

    We didn’t bring a sub in the entire season to pitch for us. 100% of the innings we played were pitched from the girls on our team.
    We have a 60-24-2 record. Heading into our final event of the season at World Series. 22 of our loses are to ranked teams from last week, the other 2 are Indy Gators and Silver Creek Prospects.

    Record vs last weeks ranked teams:
    1. Beverly Bandits '09 0-3
    2. Ohio Wolfpack '09 0-5-1
    3. Ohio Outlaws'09 0-1
    4. Ohio Ice Purple '09 0-1
    5. Thunder Elite '09 0-1
    6. Ohio Monsters 1-2
    7. Ohio Outlaws Homan 1-2
    8. Stingrays '09 1-3
    9. USSSA Pride Red 1-0
    10. Akron Racers 09 2-0

    Phantoms 5-1
    Lasers Blue 1-1
    SGS Magic 0-1
    Wicked 2-2-1
    Buckeye Heat 09 4-0
    Canton Spikes 5-0
    Rebels 09 1-0
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  4. Mike Homan

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    Ohio Outlaws '10
    Head Coach Mike Homan

    Congrats to Ohio Wolfpack for a solid weekend of softball and Emeralds for a runner-up finish. Did not see many posts from other teams, so if you played well Congrats to you as well.

    The Outlaw team made a trip down South to the USSSA Nationals in Gulf Shores, AL. We were the youngest and most under sized team there. The weather the first two days was very nice and hot and then we caught the tail end of the storm that was headed to Texas. We got our first bracket play game in Thursday morning and then all hell broke loose and the rain started coming in harder. The rest of Thursday and all of Friday was cancelled. There were too many teams to keep the double elim format so they were forced to send all teams home who were in the losers bracket, making the rest of the tournament a single elim bracket. We played very well, made it to the semi final game were we took a L to the team who ended up winning the Championship - AL/FL Riptide '09. We made some great defensive plays and hit the ball well against some solid pitching southern 09 teams. I am very proud of my team, we held our own this season being on the young side and gained a lot of respect from the older teams and organizations.

    With all of that being said, our team finished with an impressive summer record of 38-11 and an overall record fall-summer of 60-20-1. Our only losses during summer time came to top 10 ranked teams and one loss to KL Athletics. If that doesn't speak for itself, not sure what does.

    I am very grateful we even got the opportunity to take the field and play together after the kind of year its been outside of softball. I am excited to see what we do on out top end of 10u next season and I would like to wish nothing but the best to the teams moving up to 12u next season as well. You all have a great set of girls under your belts and I am glad we got the opportunity to play everyone.

    Scores from Gulf Shores:

    Outlaws 5 - EC Bullets '09 0
    Outlaws 9 - Miami Xpress 10u 0
    Outlaws 4 - Indiana Assault '09 5
    Outlaws 6 - Texas Franchise 2k9 3
    Outlaws 5 - LA Tangi Shockers '09 1
    Outlaws 2 - AL/FL Riptide '09 4 (semi-final)

    We ended up taking home 4th place overall from the National Tournament, so again, very pleased with how my girls played and finished our season together.

    Good Luck to everyone wrapping up their seasons this weekend at the World Series!
  5. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09
    Coaches: Matt Bailey & Dale Carr

    This years RECORD - 62-18-3
    10U Record 49-9-1
    12U Record Playing UP 13-9-2

    This year has been interesting to say the least... 10U has been a whirlwind, there would be so many things I would of done differently. I have seen a ton at the 1oU level, but I have never seen the absolute mis-management of teams like I did this year. It was a two-horse race with everyone shooting for the Bandits and the Outlaws. At the beginning of the season, 12 of those 20 rostered girls on the two teams were 9U Bandits, so yes, I take pride in that. Yes, purple challenged me in a 9-6 championship game, but look at the box score and tell me where most of the runs came from. The leadoff was a purple girl, but she had help from another Former Bandit-Outlaw girl, and multiple plays from another Outlaw at 3B. I, along with many other teams, saw completely different rosters from week to week. From week to week it is was like PGF nationals stacking their rosters for Championship play!

    What the heck happened to the 3 of the 5 top tier teams?? They stopped playing in early July or before, I have never seen that before. It was always a dogfight until the end... Teams are destroyed, along with many bridges along the way. Among the top teams, only a few remained fully true to their own original team which is really sad. If it is going to continue like this at the 10U level, I am really glad to be getting out now.

    As for my team, it has been a long time since I have seen a team go undefeated within the state and we were never fully stocked up when playing the Ohio teams. 26-0-1. We came in 4th at this year's PGF Super Select without one of our big arms on the mound also. We were probably one of the fastest teams in the US and this coming year we are looking forward to bringing in a few more girls to help drive the gaps rather being one-dimensional speed team.

    Can't wait to see what next year entails, with Homan Outlaws looking to be an easy front-runner for that #1 spot in the 2010 class. But there will be teams that come out of the woodwork that no one seen coming like this years Tara Piovarchy Monsters team, really enjoyed following that team this year. I wish everyone well and hopefully get what they are looking for this tryout season. Thank you to Jeff Steiner for doing the polls from week to week!!!

    -Past Weekend-

    26-0-1 vs Teams in Ohio

    notable results

    Ohio Outlaws Johnson = W5-1, W12-1**, W5-4
    Ohio Ice Purple Trbovich = Win 9-6**
    Thunder Elite Plant = Tie 1-1**
    Ohio Stingrays Dennis = W 6-2**
    Ohio Wolfpack Fogle = W 5-0**
    Ohio Emeralds Williamson = W10-1, W14-1**, W 13-0**
    USSSA Pride Red Barnett = W 14-0, W 17-0**
    Ohio Outlaws Homan = W 8-0**
    Ohio Lasers Blue Binkley = W10-1, W11-0
    LC Lightening Chevalier = W 15-0
    SGS Magic Hall = W 10-1**
    KL Athletics Ledbetter = W 20-1
    Cincy Doom Reynolds = W 12-0 **
    ** Tournament Wins
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  6. Kobe Johnson

    Kobe Johnson New Member

    Ohio Outlaws Johnson

    Outlaws finished the year 53-16-1

    I’m not going to do a long write up about my team because we’ve all seen each other’s teams this year. This was a fun year with a lot of talent in the 09 class in Ohio. I have to agree with what Matt said though, everyone has been chasing the Bandits and Outlaws all year. I don’t get to deep into these rankings but for my team to drop to #3 because we stopped playing early this year just blows my mind lol. I’m not going to take anything away from any of these teams but almost every team on this list I guarantee has asked myself or Matt Bailey for subs to help their team out every weekend. I enjoyed coaching against everyone this year and competing every weekend. Going down South and playing nothing but the best with our Ohio rival the Beverly Bandits. I believe we let the Southern teams know what Ohio softball is about down there. Good Luck to everyone next year and I wish all teams nothing but the best. I might make another appearance to a coaching staff here soon but not 100%. See everyone around the fields!
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  7. Anjellica Almond

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    Akron Racers Almond 10u

    Racers went 4-1 this weekend falling short of the Championship game in Ytown Mayham. We kept our bats going from last weekend with 40+ hits and 35 runs scored leading up to the quarter finals. We played some of the best defensive games to date in the first 4 games of the weekend only allowing 2 runs, but unfortunately had an extremely messy inning against Steel Valley Storm which resulted in us beating ourselves.

    Ice Gray 7-2
    Thunder Elite 6-0
    Pride 11-0
    Ohio Blast 13-3
    Steel Valley Storm 4-7

    To say I am proud of this group is an understatement. My goal as a coach has always been and will be to develop the talent I have. I have always been willing to pick up a player who shows potential talent but isn’t a “stud.” In two years I have taken 7 girls who had little to no travel ball experience. I knew we’d take our losses and we’d have to put in twice as much work to coach these girls up to their full potential but we did it... and had we not seen two EXTREMELY talented outlaws teams 8 times this season our record would certainly look a little lighter on the losses.

    I am extremely honored and excited to say all 10 of my girls have committed for another season with Racers - Almond and after we finish up our 10u season in Canfield and then Ttown, we will be heading into the fall as a 12u team with great chemistry and a great deal of talent and potential.

    These girls have worked so hard, and as a result have made it to the semis in 6 of our 8 tournaments - and 4 Championship games. Hopefully we can add a few more to that number over the next two weeks.
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  8. Wolfpack31

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  9. bucksmom40

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    Ohio Monsters

    We traveled to Indiana this past week for the NSA World Series to wrap up our season. We went 5-2 on the week, losing 2 close games 2-0 and 4-3, finishing in 5th place. We finished the season 38-15 with 11 of our losses coming to top 8 teams in Ohio. Our team has improved leaps and bounds in comparison to last season and have made ourselves a known team in Ohio. We stuck with our guns and used subs only 1 weekend when we were down to 8 players due to vacations. Our pitching was 100% our team every game. We played some great teams this season and have learned a lot by playing a higher level of competition. Looking forward to making the jump to 12U with 10 of our 11 players returning. Best of luck to everyone!

    Record against top 10
    1. Beverly Bandits-never played
    2. Wolfpack - 1-2
    3. Ohio Outlaws 0-3
    4. Ohio Ice Purple 0-5
    5. Thunder Elite 1-0
    7. Ohio Outlaws 2-0
    8. Ohio Stingrays 0-1
    9. USSSA Pride 2-0
    10. Akron Racers 2-0
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  10. Anjellica Almond

    Anjellica Almond New Member

    Your teams were the clear #1 and #2 but I never asked for a sub. Just for the record and yes - I got my ass kicked by you every time we played. ‍♀️ Congrats on your teams success this season. It was well deserved.
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  11. Jkb69933

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    Agree with Matt Bailey, it was disappointing to have 10u teams/girls miss out on finishing their season. 2nd year of 10u is a special time.

    As far as the voting, with outlaws and ice dropping due to not playing, I think it’s how as a coach U interpret the voting. Each week are u voting based on the weekends performances or are u looking at the season long picture when u cast your votes. I had a vote when the 05 class was 2nd year 12u. Their was an interesting situation, (curious Matt if u had a vote that year how u handled it or how u would.) That year lasers blue had a pitcher who split time between them and Tennessee mojo. So on the weekends they had her, they were a top 3 team no doubt. But on the weekends she wasn’t there, they were arguably in the 8-10 range. So each week I voted based on if she was there and how they did. So when she was there and they won a tournament, I would have them say 3. Then the next week, she wasn’t there and they would lose first or 2nd bracket game, I would vote them say 8. It was weird and I don’t know how others handled that situation. But I do think it’s similar to this year, are u voting on the big picture? (Then it’s Outlaws 2 and ice 3) or are u voting on what’s happened the last few weeks?
  12. Catcher '08

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    Whose EGO needs stroked in here? This is ridiculous!
  13. bradbarnett05

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    OH USSSA PRIDE Red '09 used last weekend and this upcoming weekend to help the girls make the transition by playing up in 12U. I was very proud of how the girls didn't back down to kids 2-3 years older -- wow is an 07 much bigger than an 09/10! It was great experience with the 12 inch ball and 40 foot mound, not to mention the speed of the game and harder hitting.

    From a 10U season specifically, we worked very hard to develop our talent, softball IQ and play against many of the Top 10 teams in Ohio multiple times. The '09 class is loaded with great kids and great coaches. I'm a sponge out there and many times learn from each of you based on what I see. We also had a great team culture and environment, which I think is critical at this age as young girls build confidence in themselves in addition to love of the game.

    From a results perspective, and this is specifically for competition vs. 10U from June-July (i.e., the summer season) we went 20-10, with 7/10 losses vs. Top 10 teams. Three of those seven losses against top 10 teams were by 1-run. Notable tournament results included:

    1st @ USA Battle in the Burgh
    1st @ USA Uncle Charlie's
    2nd @ USSSA Central States
    3rd @ USA States

    Concluding this last 12U tournament this weekend, our team is transitioning to the Ohio Hawks organization (Ohio Hawks '09-Barnett) and I look forward to continuing to develop our talent and playing against all of you in future tournaments. Best of luck to all of you!
  14. Chad Dennis

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    Stingrays09 currently sits at 35-15 on the season and looks to finish a great season on a high note at the WS at Berliner. Stingrays finished last weekends Celine Wyatt with a 4-2 record. Congrats to Wolfpack for winning the event and Emeralds for having a great weekend. So far, 3 tournament Championships and we r planning a nice run this weekend in Columbus.

    Record against top 10 teams in the State of Ohio
    Bandit- 1 loss
    Outlaws- 2 losses
    Wolfpack- 2 wins, 3 losses
    Monsters- 1 win, 0 losses
    Outlaws Futures-Homan- 2 wins, 1 loss
    Emeralds- 3 wins, 1 loss
    Thunder Elite- 1 loss
    USSSA Pride Red Elite- 3 wins, 0 losses
    Lasers Blue- 3 wins, 0 losses

    Stingrays only other losses were to Indiana Gators, Finesse-Davis, PA Outlaws and 3 12U teams.
    Good luck to everyone as we finish up this 2020 season!
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