10U Coaches Poll Week #12 (7-15-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

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    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by WEDNESDAY at 11PM. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote. Must include #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at: jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com

    I will post results on Thursday morning.

    Jeff Steiner
  2. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    Stingrays Tournament

    The Wolfpack went 6-1 on the weekend and tied for 3rd place. We currently sit at 70-14-2 overall.

    Pool Games:
    Beat Stingrays 09 10-2
    Beat Emeralds 3-1
    Beat Blast 18-0

    Cross Over Pool Game:
    Beat MOV Pride WV 9-5

    Bracket Games:
    Beat Storm 3-1
    Beat MOV Pride WV 8-3
    Lost to Outlaws 6-3

    Our final tournament will be the Celine Wyatt Memorial in Hilliard and we will be playing up an age bracket at 12U.
  3. Fillie Nation

    Fillie Nation New Member

    Strikezone Fillies "Black" played in the Pink Ribbon in Fairborn.
    3-0 in pool play beating Heart of Ohio Pride, Road Warriors 08, and West Liberty Force.
    Bracket play...Beat Miami valley lady prospects 14-4 then lost to a great hitting Finesse Munoz team 1-7 in the semi-finals. They ended up winning the tournament.
    39-2 season record
    We play in Bellefontaine Bash this weekend.
  4. Fastpitch_CoachJay

    Fastpitch_CoachJay New Member

    So for those voting, just want to point something out. The Ohio Outlaws currently have a record of 64-7-1. Three of the seven losses came in a 12U tournament. The other 4 losses were to elite teams; 2 losses to the Wolfpack '08, 1 loss to the Indiana Gators '08, and 1 loss to the Stingrays '08.

    They have won 9 tournaments out of 11 and was runner-up in one. The most recent tournament championship was at the Stingrays Showcase this past weekend.

    Here's the Stingrays Showcase details:

    Tournament Record: 8W and 0L

    Pool Play
    Outlaws 11, Indiana Mustangs 0
    Outlaws 16, Ohio USSSA Pride Red 0
    Outlaws 10, Ohio Stingrays ('08) 2
    Outlaws 7, Ohio Storm 2

    Bracket Game #1
    Outlaws 16, Ohio Wolfpack ('09) 0

    Bracket Game #2
    Outlaws 5, Beverly Bandits ('09) 2

    Bracket Game #3
    Outlaws 6, Ohio Wolfpack ('08) 3

    Outlaws 5, Ohio Lasers Orange 2

    They are finishing their season this upcoming weekend at USSSA Nationals.
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  5. Jodi

    Jodi Member

    Buckeye Charge went 5-0 this weekend and won the Express Knockout Tournament.

    Record is 34-15-3 this season.

    Finishing up the season the next two weekends at:
    Hope's Turn at Bat
    World Series in Columbus
  6. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Mov Pride 08 Ohio- Ault

    Next at World Series Cbus,Oh

    This last week EVENT
    Pink out at Fairborn Ohio 5-1 Runner up
    W vs Finesse
    W vs dc flyers
    W vs Sting hfe
    W vs HH roadwarriors
    W vs Oh Thunder
    L vs Finesse
    Played great all tournament til the last game, Finesse played well everytime i seen them even when we beat them in pool play. We didnt play well in the championship game at all!!! Congrats to Finesse! The 25 game win streak came to a end.
    "In that 25 game win streak we beat noteable teams"
    Laser Orange, Ohio Thunder, USSSA Pride Navy, lady rebels 08x2 , Akron Racers, Buckeye Charge08 2 X, Finesse

    USA Summer Sizzler 2019 "Champs"
    Mingo Madness "Champs"
    Jason Reed Autism Ring event "Champs"
    USSSA Mid ohio shootout "Champs "
    Pinkout Rings USA Runners up
    Battle Berliner semi final 4
    10u futures friendly Galion,oh( 5-0 ,1 of 2 only Undeafeated teams)
    Muskie chix classic (1 seed), "rain out"
    Kickoff classic semifinals Pburg,wv
    Tom Dooley ,WV 3rd place
    USSSA CENTRAL State B "1 seed(3-0)"rain"

    "2019 Spring/Summer"
    Overall record( 52-10-1)
    In state of OHIO teams- (43-4-1)
    Out of state teams( 9-6)

    "Notable Wins"
    Wolfpack 08 Wolff
    Lasers Orange 08
    BuckeyeCharge 08 Albertson (2x)
    Sgs magic 08 ,DD
    (#4)Michigan Sabercats08
    WV Dusters(t5 Wv)
    Ohio Thunder08 2X
    Akron Racers08
    Lady Rebels08(x2)
    Ky Bluegrass elite
    Usssa Navy 08 (x2)
    Wizards gold 08
    C.Ohio Pride 08 (x3)
    Mid oh lady bullets (x2)
    Tri state thunder MD. (x2)
    Wolf pack 08 wolff TIE,(DropDdHome)

    "Notable Loss (all 10)"
    (ALL the teams was Champs/runner up of the tournaments when we lost to them.)
    Indiana magic gold Moore-RU Battle@B!
    Laser orange Champs-Battle Berliner
    Mov pride 08 wv -RU-FireFight Mem.
    Bandits Premiere Future 5 0-CHAMPS ^^
    Lady Patriots x2 RU,CHAMPSwvX2
    Stingrays 2x CHAMPS -PburgWv
    Finesse Pinkout Champs Dayton,oh
    119South RU -Tom dooley wv
  7. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Successful 4-2 finish at the Ohio Stingrays Showcase. 71-42-3 — Great Job Rays org for another great tournament. Anybody can take a look at my schedule and see that we’ve only played the best of the best, no off weeks vs weak teams boasting our scores over the competition 89-2.... That’s how I wanted it with very little hardware, but there are some high ranking teams that haven’t played in an elite tournament in 6 weeks, but that was their choice. Wolfpack, Lasers, Storm,Rays we saw a lot and that’ll only make us better next year, I appreciate the lessons guys!! Good luck to everyone in their year end nationals!

    -Pool Play Scores:
    Bandits09 6, Ohio Storm08 4
    Team PA08 3, Bandits09 2
    Bandits09 5, Finesse Davis 0
    Bandits09 13, Indy Mustangs08 5

    -Bracket Play
    Bandits09 16, Ohio Blast08 0
    Outlaws 5, Bandits 2 eliminated in T5 place

    *Beat Finesse Munoz 9-1 only time we played
    *Beat MOV OH indoor 5-2 only time we played

    Headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama for 9U Nationals. Start games on Tuesday.
    3:30pm vs OK Aftershock09
    7:15pm vs Birmingham Vipers09
    1pm vs Chatanooga Force09
    8am vs TX HITT Green09
    winner plays
    6:30pm vs AL Bulls09
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  8. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 Active Member

    Ohio Stingrays 08 went 3-3 this weekend at the Stingrays Showcase.
    Pool Play:
    Beat USSSA Pride Red 5-1
    Beat Indiana Mustangs 7-1
    Lost to Ohio Outlaws Futures 10-3
    Lost to Team PA 2-0
    Bracket Play:
    Beat Ohio Ice Blue 9-1
    Lost to Team PA 6-5

    Overall Record: 63-27-2

    Next up: ASA/USA Nationals in Johnson City, Tennessee
  9. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    You might want to point out to us all what tournaments you attended and who you beat at those tournaments.

    Nobody here is questioning that the team isn’t deserving, but since you decided to point things out, you might as well start

    I sure would think that someone from your team would’ve wanted to thank Saddie (Beverly Bandits Pitcher) for pitching 15 of the 17 innings on Sunday. She deserves some type of recognition for helping Kray, Speedy, Thompson, Brynn, Wally, Willy, Maddog, G$, Choo choo, and Capp to get to the championship!
  10. Ice Blue

    Ice Blue New Member

    First off, I would like to second what Bailey just posted. Thank you, and congrats to the Stingrays for putting on a great tournament. Everything was run very smoothly and the girls had a great time! I would also like to point out, in my opinion, this was the best overall group of umpires (excluding one particular umpire) that we have had in any tournament so far this season. Kudos to the men in blue who were not only very professional, but also had fun and helped these girls out.

    Ohio Ice Blue played in the Stingrays Showcase and went 2-2 in pool play with both losses being very competitive games to MOV WV and Lasers Orange. We lost in bracket play to Stingrays.

    Pool games

    MOV WV (L) 4-1
    Wolfpack 09 (W) 10-3
    Lasers Orange (L) 3-2
    Ohio Blast (W) 17-3

    Bracket play

    Stingrays 08 (L) 9-1

    Our record vs Ohio sits at 37-16
    Overall record sits at 40-24

    We are playing in the Hope’s Turn at Bat tournament this weekend and then finishing up at the World Series the following weekend. Good luck to everyone as the season finishes up!
  11. wahhutch9

    wahhutch9 Member

    I know there were questions a few weeks ago about where this team was based out of, pulling kids from, etc. Can someone please clarify that for me? I honestly don’t know.
  12. Fastpitch_CoachJay

    Fastpitch_CoachJay New Member

    Players from Ohio and just across the PA line.
  13. Fastpitch_CoachJay

    Fastpitch_CoachJay New Member

    Such an angry tone there Coach Wolff. I thought 10u was suppose to be about the kids?
  14. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    You have no idea of my tone it’s just text... And you are absolutely right, it is about the kids on “your” team, that’s why I posted something.
  15. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    Nobody is questioning if they are from Ohio or PA... They deserve to be in the Coaches Poll & probably ranked higher then they are! They’re one of the top 5 teams we’ve played all year!
  16. Fastpitch_CoachJay

    Fastpitch_CoachJay New Member

    My apologies for the tone comment. The players do love their nicknames. And they did thank Sadie for joining us this past weekend.

    I do enjoy the battles that your Wolfpack team and the Outlaws have had this year. Your team definitely grinds through each game.
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  17. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    Your apology is accepted... The reason for the post is that your team doesn’t need to bring in players to beat any of us....Wolfpack, Storm, Buckeye Charge, Racers, Ice, Lasers, Bandits, Stingrays etc... (if I left your team name off I’m sorry)

    Win or loose with your own...

    I’m off my soapbox! Congratulations on winning the Stingrays Showcase!
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  18. Ohio Emeralds 08
    I have been asked to post about my team by other coaches so I will.
    40-22 on the season as a 1/2 08 and 1/2 09 team.
    Won Firestone Frenzy tourney
    Won Fairborn Diamond Days tourney
    Was #1 seed at Zanesville and Rained out bracket play.
    Was #3 seed at Ashland and rained out bracket play.
    Runner up at Strasburg Early bird

    Went 2-3 on the weekend at Stingrays Showcase
    Beat stingrays 09 and Ohio Blast 10U in pool
    Lost to Wolfpack- Wolff 3-1 in pool
    Lost to Lazers 08 8-2 in crossover pool
    Lost to Finnesse Davis in ITB 5-2 in bracket.
  19. Fastpitch_CoachJay

    Fastpitch_CoachJay New Member

    Thank you and I'm way too short to help you off the soapbox....
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  20. kidbuckeye

    kidbuckeye Member

    Lasers Orange got runner up at the Stingray Showcase going 7-1 on the weekend, losing only the championship game. The girls played hard and we could not be more proud. This runner up finish gives us 6 championships and 3 runner ups on the season.

    Pool Play
    W Wolfpack 09
    W MOV Pride WV
    W Ohio Ice Blue
    W Ohio Emeralds

    Bracket Play
    W USSSA Pride Red
    W Finesse- Davis
    W Team PA
    L Outlaws*

    What we are most proud of is in those 9 tourneys where we finished 1st or 2nd, it was the same 10 Laser Orange girls that we call our team. I know some teams need the subs to accomplish their goals, but we accomplished ours by being successful within our Lasers Orange family. We have lost some games to teams with subs. I don't care about that. We should have played better, bottom line. What I don't like is so called "A" teams trying to better themselves by bringing in other team's players then trying to get respect from other true "A" teams. I had not commented on this topic all season nor will I comment again on it so don't expect one if there is a remark to my post.

    We are currently down in Panama City Beach trying to bring home the USFA title to Ohio. We started 2-1 in pool play today with bracket play starting tomorrow.

    10U Tourney Record
    Record vs Ohio teams 37-6-1
    Record vs out of state 21-9

    Overall Record 67-19-1

    Lasers Orange '08 Achievements
    Crushin Childhood Cancer- (Runner Up) undefeated but rained out, went by run differential instead of runs allowed
    Beverly Bandits Super Elite Fall Futures- (Champs)
    Pitch For The Cure- (Champs)
    Thunder Fall Classic- (Co-Champs, power outage from wind storm)
    Battle at Berliner - (Champs)
    May Madness- (Champs)
    ASA State - (Runner Up)
    GAPSS- (Champs)
    Stingray Showcase (Runner Up)

    Key wins:
    Finesse-Davis x 2
    Heartland Havoc Heartbreakers
    Ohio Storm 08 x 2
    Beverly Bandits Demarini 08 (#1 ranked team in Michigan)
    Stingrays 08 x 3
    Beverly Bandits 09
    MOV Pride OH
    Indiana Magic Gold- Moore
    Federation (Texas)
    MOV Pride WV x 3
    Wolfpack 08 x 3
    Team PA x 3
    Finesse-Munoz x 2
    Vikings Elite 12U
    Bo Jackson Blast Elite 12U x 2
    SGS Magic
    Ohio Emeralds x 2
    Ohio Ice Blue x 2
    Diamond Divas (Indiana)
    Knoxville Explosion (Tennessee)

    After PCB we will be in the Columbus for the North American All Sanctioned World Series. Good luck to all the teams going to national tournaments. Rep the Buckeye state well!

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