10U Coaches Poll Week #3 (5-13-19) Get Your Votes In!!!

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  1. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    10U Coaches,

    Submit your top 10 to me by WEDNESDAY at 11PM. Remember to include your name and team you are representing. You must be a coach or designated representative of your team in order to vote. Must include #1-10 in your vote

    You can PM me or email me at: jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com

    I will post results on Thursday morning.

    Jeff Steiner
  2. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Mov pride 08 oh- Ault
    Was on a bye week 5.11.19, 1 player substituted for Mov Pride 08 Wv at BCS.
    Last played may 4th 5th USSSA Sparta shootout mid ohio nat qualifier
    6-0 record tournament Champions

    W Mid ohio lady bullets 08
    W Lewis center sharks
    W Central Ohio Pride 08
    W Kl athletics
    W mid ohio lady bullets 08
    W Central Ohio Pride 08/ mercy championship 10-0
    Total runs for and against 37-6

    Future games
    5.18 parkersburg wv rings event pool games
    Vs wv lady Patriots
    Vs Oh Stingray 08
    Vs Tri STATE Thunder

    Firefighters memorial
    Pool games
    Vs. Usssa red
    Vs Beverly bandits premier futures
    Vs blugrass elite Ky
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  3. kidbuckeye

    kidbuckeye Member

    Lasers Orange went 2-2 at the BCS Midwest Championships. We started out Saturday strong, but then ran into MOV Pride -WV in pool play. We got the top seed in our super pool which included Ohio Outlaws, Ohio Storm, Wolfpack, Ice Blue, and MOV Pride. We then drew MOV Pride in the bracket and they played us very well.

    Pool Play
    W Ohio Ice Blue
    W Wolfpack 08
    L MOV Pride- WV

    L MOV Pride- WV

    We are off to Pittsburgh this weekend to face off against some A level Pennsylvania teams. Looking forward to seeing different competition.
  4. Stingrays08

    Stingrays08 Active Member

    Ohio Stingrays 08 went to the Northern Kentucky Royal Rumble this past weekend.
    (2-0-1 in pool play)
    Tied NKY Bandits 3-3
    Beat Southern Force 08 4-3
    Beat Cincinnati Static 7-3
    **Bracket Play cancelled due rain**

    Play this weekend down in Parkersburg West Virginia.
    Pool games vs. Tri State Thunder/119 S Fastpitch and MOV Pride Ohio
  5. Jamie Wolff

    Jamie Wolff Active Member

    We all beat up each other this weekend at BCS Midwest Championships...

    Pool Play:
    Beat the Ohio Outlaws 6-2.
    Beat MOV Pride - WV 5-3.
    Lost to Lasers Orange 6-2

    Bracket Play:
    Lost to the Ohio Outlaws 3-1 when it counted...
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  6. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    That was some weekend at the BCS for all the teams, who all came out with some battle scars. Although out of state on Saturday, I was following on game changer and Tourney Machine, but made it back in time for the Championship game on Sunday. In that game, Storm had a 3-1 lead going into the bottom of the 4th Inning against the Outlaws, then all the wheels fell off the bus with costly errors. Result was 8-3 loss to a good Outlaws team. The Storm is off this weekend and will prepare for the Firefighters Memorial.

    Pool Play:
    Outlaws 8 Storm 7 ( Led 7-4 in top of 6th, front wheels fell off the bus with costly errors result 8-7 loss)
    Storm 9 Ohio Ice Blue 2
    Storm 6 MOV Pride WV 2

    Bracket Play:
    Storm 12 Ohio Ice Purple 0
    Storm 16 Muskie Chix 0

    Championship Game:
    Outlaws 8 Storm 3

    Overall Record: 41-10-2
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  7. 24GahannaLadyLions7

    24GahannaLadyLions7 Active Member

    Off last weekend after playing as the only true 9 at the PGF Select up in North Ridgeville. Glad to say we competed well except for our 1st game in which we looked very much like a 9U team. Taking a look at our remaining schedule and the team lists in those tournaments, we sure didn’t signup for any cupcake tournaments. Everything will have to be earned for this squad and wouldn’t want it any other way. I will say our pitching staff has gotten deeper, but we still need to sure up a few things on defense and we should be in every game.

    We are headed to Crown Point, Indiana for the PGF Showdown. This will be another tough one with Bandits Demarini 08, Bandits Premier 08, and Wisconsin Lightning08 as top teams not only regionally, but nationally! Appreciate everyone’s support and kind words about my young team, but we need to go out start putting up some more W’s vs these type of teams and then I’ll be happy!

    PGF Super Select North Ridgeville
    Pool Play:
    Indiana Terror 9, Bandits 1

    Bracket Play:
    Louisville Sluggers08 11, Bandits 7
    Bandits 8, VA Shamrocks08 7
    Rays08 6, Bandits 3

    Overall Record: 40-26-1
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