16 under Coaches List (September 2018 thru July 2019)

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  1. TheSoftballZone

    TheSoftballZone Administrator

    16 under Coaches List (September 2018 thru July 2019)

    The main purpose of the (16 under Coaches List) is to help connect 16 under Coaches together in the softball community for scrimmages an friendly's and help each other with players shortages during the tournament season.

    I've heard from a few Coaches that manage to save thousand+ in tournaments fee's because they information was listed in the cummunity.

    How it work:

    Reply to this thread, and share as much information about your team as you can.
    It would also help other coaches if you add your location and if your looking to play scrimmages or friendly's.

    Team Name:
    Coach Name:
    Phone Number:

    Any additions -

    This will be much more helpful at connecting the softball Coaching community together on the forum.
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  2. Cincy Patriots

    Cincy Patriots New Member

  3. Chardon Storm

    Chardon Storm Member

    Team Name: Chardon Storm
    Coach Name: Stew Landies
    Location: Chardon/NE Ohio
    Email: Stewart@ResidenceArtists.com
    Phone Number: 440-759-0594
  4. tschromm3

    tschromm3 Member

    Team Name: Ohio Black Sox '03
    Coach Name: Todd Schromm
    Location: Kent/NE Ohio
    Email: t_schromm@yahoo.com
    Phone Number: 330-687-4132
  5. Gary Hart

    Gary Hart Member

  6. Michelledub

    Michelledub Member

    TEAM- Sundogs 16 U -
    LOCATION- North Ridgeville
    Email- ddubena@yahoo.com
    Phone- 440-506-0861
  7. Team Name: Lightning Elite
    Coach Name: James Newman/Patrick Ike
    Location: Circleville Ohio
    Email: lightningelite03@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 740-304-5513
  8. Klump

    Klump Member

    Team name: Ohio Ice Red
    Coach name: Kirk Kusmits
    Location: Akron Manchester
    Email: Kirkkusmits13@gmail.com
    Phone number: 330-412-4376

    We are interested in playing both scrimmages and friendlies. In the warm months we practice at Manchester High School. November through February we practice in the Spano Dome.
  9. goblue11

    goblue11 New Member

    Lady Stangs Nicula
    Jim Nicula
    Youngstown, Oh
  10. Neiman41

    Neiman41 Member

    Buckeye Charge - Cholley
    Mark Cholley
  11. Dynamaterdad

    Dynamaterdad Member

    Team Name: Central Ohio Dynamites
    Coach Name: David McNew/Boyd Miller
    Location: Central Ohio/ Columbus
    Email: dynamites14u@hotmail.com
    Phone Number: 614-747-9652

    We play year round, currently at Stars Indoors in Columbus and the Family Fieldhouse in Zanesville as well as indoor tournaments elsewhere in Ohio.
  12. Mdfio

    Mdfio Active Member

    Team Name: Ohio Storm 02
    Coach Name: Marc Fiorilli
    Location: Central Ohio
    Email: Ohiostorm2002@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 614-778-3386

    Play Everywhere - we also host about 5 events a year. We take off from December to June to focus on school ball, camps and visits.
  13. AceGRC

    AceGRC Member

    Team Name: LADY BARRACUDAS 16U/15U
    Coach Name: Dave Owens
    Location: Central Ohio
    Email: owensdave@msn.com
    Phone Number: 614-329-3040
    - Active All year, team started 2008
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  14. Icemike

    Icemike New Member

    Team name: Ohio Ice Platinum 03
    Coaches Name: Mike Appel
    Location: Akron/Canton
    Email: gmadds@aol.com
    Phone : 330-472-4622
    In the summer we practice in Jackson Twp. We will be interested in scrimmages after the holidays.
  15. us3odums

    us3odums Member

    Team Name: Racers 02
    Coach Name: Shawn Odum
    Location: Akron
    Email: sodum1@yahoo.com
    Phone Number: 330-671-0630

    Any additions - we are looking to add a pitcher to our team if you want to forward anyone our way
    We will be looking to scrimmage in warmer weather after high school season 2019 We practice at the Pony Field (Firestone Stadium) as well as Krumroy Field
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  16. Coach V

    Coach V Member

    Team Name: Cincy Static 02
    Coach Name: Vince McKernan
    Location: Cincinnati
    Email: coachmckernan@gmail.com
    Phone Number: 513-919-9581 you can call or text.

    We are currently practicing on Sunday afternoons. In the summer we practice 15 mins west of Cincinnati
  17. doug@ddstaffing.com

    doug@ddstaffing.com New Member

    Team Name: Aftershock 16U
    Coach Name: Doug Rager
    Location: Pickerington/Amanda
    Email: doug@ddstaffing.com
    Phone Number: (614) 325-6039
  18. ValleyStorm

    ValleyStorm Member

    Team Name: Valley Storm Premier 16U
    Coach Name: Rob England
    Location: Tipp City, Ohio
    Email: Rengland372@outlook.com
    Phone Number: 937-829-0662
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