16u Pitcher Looking for Sub Opportunity

Discussion in 'Player needs team or Sub opportunities' started by jt7663, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. jt7663

    jt7663 Active Member

    16u Pitcher / Infielder Looking for a Sub Opportunity Northeast Ohio / Western PA during August
  2. campagna1oh

    campagna1oh Member

    Do you have a team for the upcoming season?
  3. jt7663

    jt7663 Active Member

    Yes Was looking to Sub during August to 1st weekend of Sept.
  4. Danwhitacre

    Danwhitacre Member

    We are looking for a pitcher to sub with us in Zanesville any interest? This weekend Saturday for sure and if interest for Sunday we would accommodate. Please let me know 330-958-7195. Thank you
  5. jmcdonough

    jmcdonough Member

    Valley Extreme, based out of Warren, Ohio is looking for a pitcher to help out this Sunday for a 3 game friendly.
    If interested, please call or text me at 330-766-0075
  6. jmcdonough

    jmcdonough Member

    Valley Extreme 16U looking for a pitcher for two tournaments in October.

    Please call or text if interested.

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