18th Annual Maple Leaf - East 5 game minimum June 2-3rd 2018. Streetsboro, OH

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    18th Annual MAPLE LEAF EAST - 2018
    JUNE 2nd and 3rd, 2018.
    10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U
    5 Game Minimum! No Gate or Parking fees *
    $400 Entry Fee for a single team.

    MAXIMUM 8 TEAMS PER AGE GROUP TO ALLOW FOR 3 Pool Games on SAT and Double Elimination on SUN. (weather permitting)
    * Weather Permitting​
    Maple Leaf East will will take ONLY eight teams per age group to allow for teams to, weather permitting, play three pool games on Saturday and a modified double elimination on Sunday. Last year we had 53 team and maxed out.

    Maple Leaf East Games will be played at Streetsboro City Park and Aurora, Ohio.
    Maple Leaf West Games will be played at Victory Sports Park, N. Ridgeville, Oh and other nearby fields.

    For Rules, Registration Forms and on-line registration (at a nominal fee) please go to

    QUESTIONS: Please contact the Tournament Director, Bob Himmelein, at bobh1951@gmail.com. Telephone Number is 440-773-9973

    NFHS Rules
    75 Minutes, finish the inning. Championship Games will be untimed, 10U will be maximum of 100 minutes, finish the inning.
    Teams must be ready to play 20 minutes ahead of schedule.
    Refunds as per rules of the event in the event of rain-outs.
    Sportsmanship is expected and crude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
    Restrooms, Concessions are available.
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    List of Teams committed or paid.

    Lake Erie Warhawks – Beranke
    Explosive -Black
    Chardon Storm

    OH. Warriors 05
    Oh. SlamForce – Hudson
    Lake Erie Warhawks – Morgan
    Lake Erie Warhawks – Dixon
    OH. Outlaws – Gerring PAID
    Explosive – Gray
    Explosive – Black
    Chardon Storm 11U
    Chardon Storm 12U

    OH. Lightning 04
    OH. Warriors 04
    Lake Erie Warhawks – Thomascik
    Explosive Gray
    Chardon Storm
    Ohio Blast – Kelly
    OH. Sapphires - Kontul
    OH. Lightning - 03 (Grissom)

    OH. Lightning - Collinsworth
    Lake Erie Warhawks - Scali
    OH. Monsters – Green (Paid)
    Chardon Storm
    Blue Diamonds Blue - Heffke

    Outlaws – Kennealy
    OH. Warriors – 00
    Lake Erie Warriors – French
    OH. Sapphires - Donaldson
    Explosive White

    There seems to be a lot of 12U teams already. We are working on being able to go to 16 in that age group. If possible we will split the finals into 11U and 12U divisions.
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    Team list is posted above. Thanks

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