FASA 19th Annual Maple Leaf East (2020) (Organization Discounts Available)

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    19th Annual Maple Leaf East Tournament
    10U 12U 14U 16U 18U
    5 GG (weather permitting), No Friday games, FASA Event
    (No sanction fee due until you enter a 3rd FASA event!)

    May 30 -31st, 2020

    Streetsboro and Aurora, OH.
    This event fills every year! We will take a maximum of 44-48 team (Not counting 8U).
    In play-offs if we have at least 4 teams that are 11U, 13U and 15U we will hold a separate play-off round for them!


    Our goal is to make this event even better, we are adding some contests for players if possible. This event fills every year, we do hold spots for returning teams and/organizations.
    Sunday Slam Squad shirts for Home Runs on Sunday!

    PLEASE RESGISTER THROUGH www.playfasa.com
    Follow the link below for isntructions and information

    For more information contact Tournament Director Bob Himmelein
    440-773-9973 or e-mail bobh1951@gmail.com

    We do hold spots for returning teams
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    This is the team list as of 01/06/2020. Coaches or contacts listed on the FASA Registration will be e-mailed later. Note: if we do not fill 18U to six teams we may add two slots in other age group, please e-mail interest, Thanks

    Odd Year play-offs will be led in the 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U age groups. Teams playing as an odd year team may have ONE older player, however she may not pitch.

    10U ( ONE OPEING)
    1. Grizzly Fastpitch
    2. Ohio Energy Barress
    3. Ohio Rebels 10U Aliff
    4. Valley Extreme Georgalas
    5. Lewis Center Sharks

    11U ( FULL )
    1. Chardon Storm
    2. Explosive 11u Williams
    3. Lewis Center Sharks 08
    4. Ohio Emeralds 08 Sirohman
    5. Ohio Energy Percassi
    6. Steel Valley Storm

    12U (FULL)
    1. Explosive 12u Franko
    2. Ohio Lightning
    3, Ohio Rebels 12U Myers
    4. Ohio Rebels 12u Hensley
    5. Tri County Surge 12u
    6. Willoughby Starzz 12u
    7. Valley Extreme - Purnell
    8. Fever Elite

    13U FULL
    1. Chardon Storm
    2. Explosive 13u Becker
    3, Explosive 14u Denner
    4, Lady Lookouts 06
    5. Mentor Big Red 06
    6. Velocity fastpitch 06

    Waiting List Stars Elite, (13) Dover, OH

    14U FULL
    1. Buckeye Charge 14U Gordon
    2. Chardon Storm 05
    3. Chargers
    4. Ohio Eliminators
    5. Ohio Energy Stash
    6. Ohio Lightning Redford
    7. Ohio Rebels 14 Collins
    8. Ohio Rebels 14u Hudson
    9. Ohio SlamForce
    10. Pgh Spirit Premier Elite (PA)
    11. Steel City Select Yukevich (PA)
    12. Steel Valley Storm Rivera

    Waiting List - Ohio Fever

    15U/16U FULL
    1. Ohio Energy Kadas (15U)
    2. Chardon Storm
    3. Ohio Energy
    4. Ohio Lightning 03
    5. Ohio Lightning 04
    6. Ohio Rebels 16U Thomas
    7. HOTSOX - Medlen (15U)
    8. SS Express 04
    9. Valley Extreme Buck 04
    10. Velocity Fastpitch Norman

    18U (3 Openings)
    1. B A T Cage Boltz
    2. Buckeye Charge
    3. Ohio Lady Rebels
    4. Open
    5. Open
    6. Open

    If you would like to be placed on a waiting list. Please advise the TD via e-mail at bobh1951@gmail.com

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    List updated as of 01/06/2020. Thanks for your support!!
    If you are interested in Waiting List, please e-mail me at bobh1951@gmail.com

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