2017 Akron Racers Foundation - High School Tournament Schedule

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  1. 2017 Akron Racers Foundation
    High School Tournament Information
    http://foundation.akronracers.org/tournaments/highschool/ for details/rules for each event.

    **As an additional bonus: Your team will receive 15 stadium tickets for one of two select Akron Racers Games and will be announced and recognized on the field prior to the game! **

    High School Events:

    Tournament****** Dates*****Cost*** Registered by *Payment by ****Assoc.***Tournament Link:

    Ohio Invitational**April 7-9****$325.00***February 1*** February 15***OHSAA*** www.tourneymachine.com/E23156

    Spring Showcase**April 13-15**$325.00***February 1****February 15***OHSAA*** www.tourneymachine.com/E23181

    JV Jamboree*****April 13 -15**$325.00***February 1****February 15***OHSAA*** www.tourneymachine.com/E23182

    Rock N Fire ******April 21-23** $325.00***February 1****February 15***OHSAA*** www.tourneymachine.com/E23241

    Grand Slam ******April 27-29**$325.00*** February 1*** February 15***OHSAA*** www.tourneymachine.com/E23243

    There are additional special events to come.

    If you have any questions concerning Akron Racers Foundation Tournaments, please go to http://www.akronracers.org/ or contact Jill Williams, Director of Amateur Events at 330-376-8188 or Jillwilliams@akronracers.us

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