2017 USSSA Ohio Schedule and Registration/Tournament Entry Procedures

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  1. We have the 2017 schedule posted. Some areas are dependent on Parks and Rec Depts. to give them the okay to post info or verify dates so please be patient. Please check the site often while new information is updated. If there are any updates or additional events, the link below is where to find the info.

    The schedule link below will go to the National website which is where the tournament schedule will be posted at. I am working with all of our directors to get as much detailed info on these tournament postings as possible. Teams will need to obtain their USSSA registration number to be able to enter these events online. There is also info below on how to obtain that number along with other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

    2017 USSSA Tournament Schedule: Click Here

    USSSA Registration Procedures: Click Here

    If you have not had a chance to check out this website, I suggest you take a look. This site has so much function, I haven't tapped it's full potential yet. Some of the items that can be done on this website:

    1. Post pool schedules and update results onsite
    2. Feed pool results right into brackets and post those results
    3. The minute the last game is played, have updated order of finish
    4. Notify teams of berth status - email generated
    5. Notify teams of payment and entry status - email generated
    6. List all teams in a seeding report.
    7. Teams can request their registration number, pay online, and have the number within minutes.
    8. Teams can enter and pay for events with their registration number and guarantee their spot in events.

    That is just a few items that I have "discovered".

    Mike Craig
    Ohio USSSA
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