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    2018 Sheer Madness College Showcase
    ASA/USA National Qualifier
    June 15-17th 2018
    Hosted in Elyria and North Ridgeville Ohio
    Age Divisions - 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, 18u, 23u

    12u, 16u, and 18u divisions will have 1 ASA/USA bid to the following sites for the 2018 season. 14u will have 3 ASA/USA bids for Bowling Green Kentucky.

    12u - Spartanburg, South Carolina
    14u - Bowling Green, Kentucky
    16u - Kent, Washington
    18u - Salem, Virginia

    *ASA Eastern/Northern/Southern National bids will also be available in each age group
    *10u and 23u will be a 1 day tournament on Sunday June 17. 3gg $300. ASA Eastern/Northern/Southern bid awarded to winner

    Tournament Details

    • 4 game Guarantee with 2 pool games seeding into Double Elimination
    • Pool Play will be no new inning after 1 hour 20 minutes and will feature roster batting should you choose to use it.
    • Bracket play will be no new inning after 1 hour 40 minutes
    • Pool play will be played with straight ASA rules other than "Roster bat" and bracket play will be straight ASA rules
    • Entry fee is $525 and must be paid to secure your spot.
    • Pool play will begin at 8:00am on Friday. Bracket play will begin Friday afternoon/evening so playing during the day on Friday will be required.
    • This is an open event. Teams must be ASA sanctioned and provide proof of insurance, ACE Certification, and concussion certificate.
    • Out of State teams are welcome to qualify as they were last year. We hosted teams from our surrounding states and welcome them to come play in Northeast Ohio once again this summer!
    • Tournament ASA will be used to provide up to the minute updates throughout the tournament
    • All fields will have temporary fences and Diamond Dry will be on hand
    • Profile book assembly and distribution is included
    • This is a stay and play event for all teams outside of 50 miles. Here is the hotel link:
    Online registration

    For questions about the tournament please contact me directly. Text is the easiest way to get a hold of me and/or e-mail.

    We look forward to hosting you this summer!
    Mark Skapin
    Head Softball Coach
    Cottey College
    Follow us on twitter for the latest updates! @SheerMCMADNESS
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    18u Sheer Madness USA Qualifier and Showcase (1 bid for this age division)
    1. Ohio Lasers Orange
    2. Ohio Emeralds '00
    3. Ohio Ice Gold
    4. Warriors Premier 18 Gold
    5. Buckeye Heat
    6. Streak '99
    7. Outcast Fastpitch Black
    8. Team Ohio Black
    9. Explosive Gray
    10. SunDogs
    11. Ohio Wolfpack (Mertes)
    12. Ohio Swat '00
    13. Windsor Wildcats
    Ohio Power (Kyler)
    15. Ohio Slam Force
    16. Team Ohio Red
    17. Southern Ohio Cyclones
    18. Pittsburgh Pride
    19. Sapphire Cobras Elite
    20. Valley Extreme Georgalas
    21. Pittsburgh Spirit (Wilson)
    22. Diamond Chix Premier '00
    23. Ohio Hawks (Koger)
    24. MSW Hurricanes

    18u Waiting List
    Fahrenheit Fastpitch Cardinal

    16u Sheer Madness USA Qualifier and Showcase (1 bid for this age division)
    1. Ohio Stingrays '01 (Mattix)
    2. Ohio Lasers Purple
    3. Ohio Lasers Silver
    4. Ohio Wolfpack Black
    5. Team Ohio Scarlet
    6. Ohio Stingrays '02
    7. Ohio Ice Gray
    8. Ohio Classics '02
    9. Wizards Renegade
    10. Lady Bandits (NY)
    11. Ohio Wolfpack Dudek
    12. Sluggers Fastpitch
    13. Ohio Bandits (Zifer)
    14. Valley Extreme Fife
    15. Ohio Lightning Collinsworth
    16. NWO Heat
    17. Ohio Lightning Eoff
    18. SGS Magic Hall
    19. Explosive Pink '02
    Steel City Select Showcase
    21. ESO (Fenik)
    22. Michigan Elite 16u Smart
    23. Lady Irish '02
    24. Explosive '01 Black Dawson
    Passion Softball (PA)
    Pittsburgh Power Murslack
    27. Ohio Wolfpack (Imler)
    28. Doom (Leiter)
    29. Ohio Chill
    30. Akron Racers '02
    31. Buckeye Charge Carden
    32. SunDogs (Cooper)
    33. Ohio Warriors '02
    34. Ohio Ice Red
    35. Ohio Thunder '01
    36. Diamond Chix
    37. Buckeye Charge (Cholley)
    38. Lady 83
    39. Chardon Storm
    40. Ohio Monsters Purple
    41. Ohio Monsters Green
    42. Ohio Monsters Black
    43. Buckeye Heat '01 Gill
    44. Firecrackers OH
    45. Ohio Sapphires
    46. The Ohio Express
    47. Pittsburgh Spirit Gold
    48. Ashland Blaze (Hart)
    49. Elite Softball (MI) Tasma/Rowe
    50. Xcalibur
    51. Ohio Classics '01
    52. Ohio Impact '02

    Waiting List (First 52 teams paid are officially in)
    Diamond Elite (paid, but on waiting list)

    Fahrenheit Fastpitch Gold
    Ohio SlamForce (Hudson)
    SPC Hotsox
    Ohio Storm '02
    Devils Fastpitch
    Ohio Blast
    Valley Storm Premier
    Fort Wayne Freeze

    14u Sheer Madness USA Regional Qualifier and Showcase (3 bids for this age division)
    1. Ohio Warriors '03
    2. Central Ohio Pride '03
    3. Ohio Emeralds
    4. Team Ohio Gray
    5. Ohio Bulldawgs Elite '03
    6. Valley Extreme (Angelo)
    7. Grand Rapids Blaze
    8. Ohio Warriors '04
    9. SPC Hotsox (Augusta)
    10. Ohio Monsters Black
    11. Ohio Monsters Purple
    12. Ohio Lasers Gold
    13. SunDogs
    14. Ohio Hawks Gold '04
    15. Ohio Hurricanes '03
    16. Steel City Cyclones '03
    17. Ohio Wolfpack '04 Hysong
    18. SGS Magic DeMars
    19. Pride
    20. Heart of Ohio Shockers '03
    21. Windsor Wildcats
    22. Ohio Knockouts '03
    23. Central Ohio Lady Vipers '04
    24. Team Ohio Red
    25. Steel Valley Storm
    26. Pittsburgh Spirit Hess '04
    27. Canonsburg Lady Knights
    28. Ohio Hawks '03 Gold Rubal
    29. Ohio Stampede '04
    30. Explosive Pink
    31. Ohio Starz '04
    32. Ohio Energy
    33. Ohio Rebels
    34. Ohio Raptors
    35. Brecksville Bees

    Registered Teams that have not paid. (We can only accept the first 36 paid teams)
    Lake Erie Rage Black
    Pittsburgh RIOT '03
    Lake Erie Rage Modock

    12u Sheer Madness USA Qualifier and Showcase (1 bid for this age division and 20 teams accepted)
    1. Pittsburgh Predators
    2. Ohio Stingrays '05
    3. Ohio Monsters Purple
    4. Ohio Monsters Green
    5. Ohio Bulldawgs Elite '05
    6. Buckeye Charge '06
    7. Ohio Ice White 2k06
    8. Team Pennsylvania '05
    9. Ohio Wolfpack Jannelli
    10. Ohio Lasers Blue '05
    11. Lady '83
    12. Diamond Chix '05
    13. Lake Erie Warhawks
    14. Bo Jackson Blast
    15. Akron Racers '05
    16. Ohio Emeralds 12u
    17. Pittsburgh Spirit Gold
    18. Ohio Hawks '05 Gold
    19. Ohio USSSA Pride Platinum


    Registered but unpaid teams. We are only accepting the first 20 paid teams.
    Canfield Crush
    Ohio Warriors

    10u Sheer Madness ASA Eastern/Southern/Northern Qualifier
    1. Ohio Monsters Black
    2. Ohio Stingrays '07
    3. Finesse '07
    4. Explosive White
    5. JABC Riot '07
    6. Ohio Energy
    7. Ohio Fire


    Teams Registered but still have not paid. 8 paid teams will be accepted

    1. Miami Valley Express Elite Red **Deposit**
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    This event will fill quickly so please register and send in checks asap to reserve your spot. We will be limiting the spots this year.
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    16u Ohio Emeralds '00 added
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    16u Buckeye Heat '01 added
    16u Devils Fastpitch added

    Teams are not considered fully entered and guaranteed a spot until payment is received so please keep that in mind as your teams are added to the site. Best of luck with tryouts and forming your teams!
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    14u Ohio Warriors '03 added
  7. pride1

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    Central Ohio Pride 03 would like to attend 14U division
  8. Skapin

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    Please register at the above link and we would love to host you
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    Valley Extreme Georgalas added in 18u division
  10. Mdfio

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    Storm 02 should be in the 16U division, thank you
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    Thanks, I'm still in 2017 mode I guess:

    16u Ohio Storm '02 added
    16u Explosive Pink added
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    14u Central Ohio Pride '03 added
  13. Skapin

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    18U Ohio Warriors Premier 18 Gold added
    16u Ohio Sapphires added
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    Hey Mark, do we still have a Call ASA/USA QUALIFIER?
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    16U Ohio Classics '02 added
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    16u Ohio Impact added
    14u Ohio Emeralds added
    12u Ohio Monsters Purple added
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    Ohio Stingrays '05 added
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    16u Ohio Wolfpack Black added
    18u Buckeye Heat added
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    16u Wizards Renegade added
  20. Skapin

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    16u Valley Extreme Fife added

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