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    Welcome to the 2019 10u and 12u coaches poll. This is the 10th consecutive year I have run these polls. I started when my dd was at 9u and now she is a freshman playing in college. I have seen most all there is to see in the travel ball world.

    *1 Pre Season Poll, which will be held the week following the Spano Dome Tournament.
    *Weekly polls will folllow starting the week after the April 27th weekend. Votes should be sent to me by either PM or Email. jeffreylsteiner@gmail.com Coaches that have my number can text me their votes also.
    *This is a Coaches Poll for OHIO teams only, with only coaches or a designated person being allowed to vote. For the purposes of these polls, an Ohio team is one who is sanctioned in Ohio as a resident team. Sending me a copy of your ASA-USA sanction card is proof enough if teams challenges where a team is from.
    *Each team is only allowed 1 representative (Coach) from their team to cast a vote on behalf of their team. SO get on the same page with your coaching stff so I am not getting multiple coaches from the same team trying to vote.
    * Send to me in a #1 - #10 format looking like this:
    1. Big City Bombers
    2. Small Town Snails
    10. Southside Slappers
    You get the idea..... You must submit 10 teams. If you submit anything less than 10 teams I will not count your votes for that week.
    *I will assign pts as follows: #1 = 10pts, #2 = 9pts, etc down to #10 = 1pt
    *Make sure you put your name and what team you are representing when sending your vote. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANONYMOUS VOTES!!
    * Feel free to include some commentary on teams. I appreciate getting info on the teams from around the state.
    * I will keep the voting completely confidential. I do not discuss what coaches voted for who.
    * Over the years, I have had a few coaches that have had agendas in their voting style from week to week, but for the most part, I get honest opinions of how teams are ranked. I occasionally ask questions as well to coaches that I see are intentionally leaving out a certain team or has an axe to grind.
    * Votes will be needed to be sent in by Tuesday at midnight to assure your vote is counted in the weekly poll. I will try to always post results by noon on Wednesday. ( I do travel quite a bit so sometimes I am a bit late but never more than a day.
    * In the past I have been told that "Only the big organizations get voted for and how can a local team get recognized?" If your team is good enough to show well at bigger tournaments and continues to play good competition, you will get noticed in the polls.

    I will put a "call out post" for votes on the Sunday of the Spano Tourny for both 12u and 10u.
    Good Luck to all teams in 2019!

  2. oiler_pride

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    With the 12U Spano Dome Tourney being held this weekend. I will be asking 12U Coaches to submit their Top 10 between Sunday night and late Tuesday night. I know not everybody plays at the Spano winter tournament, but in the past this has always been the big indoor tournament that allows people from around the state to see who are the teams to be reckon with at 12u.
  3. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    Good morning, I am the Tournament Director for the Pavilion in Mt. Vernon Ohio and an assistant coach for the Ohio Storm 08. This Saturday February 23rd, the Pavilion is hosting the 10U Elite Classic ASA/USA National Qualifier, awarding 2 bids to ASA/USA East Nationals in Johnson Tennessee. We have hosted 15 tournaments this winter and approximately 90 teams, ranging from 8U to 16U to date. I do know there are some very good 10U teams playing in this tournament, that will not be at the Spano Dome. I will post the results on here from our tournament, as well, the tournament results will be posted on Tournament USA Softball. Teams in this tournament are the Ohio Storm 08, Stingrays 08, MOV Pride 08-OH, Beverly Bandits Demarini 09, USSSA Pride Red, Ohio Storm 09 and Akron Racers. Also, I will let you know, that the 2019/2020 schedule (Nov-March) at the Pavilion for next winter, includes 4-ASA Qualifiers, 4-USSSA Qualifiers, and a possible 16U/18U Showcase (currently in the planning stages).
  4. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    10U Elite Classic ASA/USA National Qualifier result;

    Pool Play: (1) Ohio Storm '08- 1 Ohio Stingrays 08- 0, (2) Akron Racers - 8 USSSA Pride Elite Red 09 - 4, (3) Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09 - 7 Ohio Storm 09 - 1, (4) Ohio Storm 08 - 5 MOV Pride 08 OH- 0, (5) Akron Racers -5 Ohio Storm 09 -4, (6) MOV Pride 08 OH - 8 USSSA Pride Elite Red 09 - 0, (7) Ohio Stingrays 08 - 3 Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09 - 1.

    Bracket Play: (1)
    Beverly Bandits Demarini 09- 5 MOV Pride 08 O- 2, (2) Ohio Stingrays 08-12 Ohio Storm 09- 3, (3) Akron Racers 08-5 USSSA Pride Red Elite 09- 1, (4) Ohio Storm 08- 5 Beverly Bandits DeMarini 09- 1, (5) Ohio Stingrays 08- 13, Akron Racers 08- 1

    Ohio Stingrays 08- 3 Ohio Storm 08- 2
  5. shaggy71

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    Any results from the Spano Dome?
  6. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Mov pride 08 ohio results
    Spano dome
    W-Black Widows

    10u Futures event galion ohio april 6 7
    W - laser black
    W sgs magic 08
    W wolfpack 08 wolff
    W Michigan sabercats 08
    W USSSA Pride 08 navy
  7. AFranke

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    Not so sure your girls beat SGS Magic Ty Ault. Score reverts back to previous completed inning. So SGS Magic would win per the rules. If that was the case SGS Magic would have tied Ohio Storm 2-2, but they lose 2-1 because the score reverts back to completed inning.
  8. Ty Ault

    Ty Ault Member

    Not according to the rules i got..there was no revert back discussed in rules or with umpires. Why would they do a revert back at a friendly anyway. Plus i asked the storm, they posted on their facbook page they tied sgs magic 2 2 bc this was a no revert back, posted their record at 5-0-1
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  9. Ty Ault

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    Non the less it was a good game and your team is a great bunch of ball players and coaches
  10. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

  11. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Active Member

    This was a great event with many great teams and players and the rules were very simple, 80 minute drop dead finish the batter, simple. If your tied, your tied, if you are ahead you win, simple as that. So, as to set the record straight about the Storm vs Magic game. This was a very very good game, as the Magic and Storm were tied 1 to 1 going into the bottom of the 3rd, when the Storm took the lead 2-1. In the top 4th, Magic loaded the bases and with 2 outs, time expired with a batter at the plate. The Magic tied the game 2-2 on a throwing error and the batter at the plate then grounded out to 3rd and the game was over. Tie ball game. Storm 2 Magic 2.
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  12. Jamie Wolff

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    I think what we ALL forget is that these "Games" were scrimmages and you didn't always get to bat around or finish an inning... so if you want to say you won a game, more power to you, and if you want to say you tied, so be it, and if you lost or were down and didn't get your chance to bat... You may have won!

    The questions WE should be asking ourselves.... What do we need to do to get better? Where were some of our weaknesses and how do we fix them? What were our strengths and so on... PLEASE remember, they are 10U girls and as Coaches we better hope that we are helping them improve!

    "That's ALL I gotta say about that..."
  13. Ty Ault

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    Agree jamie wolff
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