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    3 games IN POOLS OF 3 or 4 ..If 3 teams, there is bracket play with the 3 teams. If 4, winner of pool is the champion and will play champion of other pool if there are 8 teams

    Tie breakers are head to head if it exists, run differential then runs allowed.

    Registration is a or

    Please call Staci 937-668-3166

    or Email

    The City of Fairborn Halloween Festival begins on Friday 18th with a costume contest and the parade. Live music, games, rides, food, etc ....

    Since we do not run the festival, for more info you may call the City Chamber Office
    937-754-3090. They will have the times for events.



    1. Cincy Magic- Nate
    2. Ohio Sting- Derek *
    3. Springfield Heat- Shaffer *
    4. Ohio Storm 09 *



    1. Rebels *
    2. Outcast 07 *
    3. Cannons *

    14u SCHEDULE

    1. Aftershock- Todd *
    2. Strikezone Fillies -Wendy
    3. OGC Shock *
    4. Springfield Steal *
    5. Strikezone Fillies - Simpson *
    6. Roadwarriors - Jimmy
    7. Springfield Heat- Jason *
    8. Southwest Outlaws 06- Laughlin *

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  2. mittsmiracles

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    Please add Ohio Sting 16u Red- Kenny. Thanks!
  3. 4baseaward

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    You got it! Thank you!
  4. Josh Leach

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    Please add outcast 04
  5. 4baseaward

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    Hi Josh. Is this a 14u or a 16u. I assumed 2020 would be a 16u but hey, you know what they say.
  6. Josh Leach

    Josh Leach New Member

    Yes 16u
  7. 4baseaward

    4baseaward Member you in.
  8. mittsmiracles

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    please add Ohio Sting 10u
  9. 4baseaward

    4baseaward Member

    DONE...THANKS !!

    OGC SHOCK New Member

    Please add OGC Shock 14u to Saturday October 19th.
  11. Amy Lynch

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    Please add Springfield Steal 14u
  12. 4baseaward

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    Got it!! Thanks
  13. 4baseaward

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    Good to go!
  14. Coach H

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    Please add Outcast 07'
  15. 4baseaward

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    You are added! Thank you
  16. REV

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    Please add 14U ROADWARRIORS- Jimmy to Saturday OCTOBER 19th
  17. 4baseaward

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    You are in!! Please send in the entry fee and registration form!
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  18. REV

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    Do we wear costumes?
  19. 4baseaward

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    Girls are more than welcome to wear costumes that they are comfortable playing in. We will have best dressed trophies for each age group!

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