2019 Firefighters Memorial &Moore Tournaments

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  1. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    We have sent out emails for the 2019 Tournaments we are hosting.
    If you want one please Email gm10moore@att.net

    Tournaments are:
    Battle @Berliner April 13 maybe 14 8-12u
    Firefighters Memorial May 24-26 8-16u @Berliner
    Mingo Madness June 28-30 in Logan Ohio

    We do fill very Quick
    We have already received 10 deposits for tournaments in 1 day
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  2. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    Firefighters Memorial Tournament in Columbus OH

    Berliner Park

    May 24-26

    Is filling quickly , we are normally full by December. Teams from 8 different states.

    8u- 3gg $280

    10-16u 4gg $470

    All 31 turf fields!!!!

    Email gm10moore@att.net

    Or text 740-243-6581

    Last year we had 120 teams
  3. Mendy,
    You should be receiving our registration and deposit from Haley. Please add Bo Jackson Elite 04 to the 14u division. Thanks! Look forward to seeing you guys!

    Jeff Hill
  4. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Member

    Hi Mendy, would you please add Ohio Storm 08 to the 10U division, deposit and registration is in the mail. Thank you!
  5. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    Filling fast will put team list up at end of month.
    We are half full now in the 10-12-14 divisions
    16u we can take 12 for the division
    8u we will take 8 for the division
  6. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    We are filling , over 1/2 full in all divisions but 8u. Can take 6 more 8u
  7. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    We have limited spots left for the Firefighters Memorial Tournament
    If you want in please call me and pay by paypal.

    Battle at Berliner is exploding with 10u
    12u still has spots

    Mingo Madness is filling as well quicker than norma
  8. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    Just a reminder, the tournament is almost full , all but 8u and 16u
    Reminder ***** you are not in until your deposit is*********

    10u has 3 spots left
    12u has 2
    14u has 3
  9. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    With the huge response we are having for the tournament, I need to let you know that you are not considered entered until we have your deposit.
    I have no problem putting someone on a list and waiting a few days for a deposit but, being on the list for 2 weeks with no deposit will have you removed.
    The tournament is almost full other than 8 & 16u

    Paying by PayPal is an option, but text me first to be sure there is room.
    Thank you
  10. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    14u is full with 40 teams.
    Teams have been notified if they are on the waiting list.
    All teams that are in will be sent a text today 11-3-18 with all info to come and what needs to be gathered before Memorial Day weekend!!

    10u is just about full as well and 12u has 4 spots left
    8u has 1 spot left and 16u has 3

    Battle at Berliner is building in the 10u with 16 teams now still building the 12u we have 8 now.

    Mingo Madness is building as well
    16u only has 2 spots left
    10 has 3
    12 has 4
    14 has 6
    18 has 8

    Thanks to all
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  11. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

  12. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    10u has 1 spot left,
    16u has 2
  13. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    Once I receive final deposits 12u will receive a GroupMe text . Should be this week.
    8u should get the GroupMe text this week as well.

    We have 1 spot in 10u left to fill.
  14. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Active Member

    10u needs 1 more , 16u can take 2 more
    8u needs 1 more
    We have 17 8u
    31 10u
    40 12u
    44 14u
    8 16u

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