2020 OHSAA first game date March 28th issue

Discussion in 'High School Softball' started by buck43055, Jul 30, 2019.

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    My daughter's school typically takes a spring break trip to play some games down South. For the upcoming season, OHSAA has March 28th as the first game date. It is, unfortunately, the second to last day of our spring break. As I understand it, you can play 4 scrimmages before that date as long as both teams count them as scrimmages. There is an advisory for Out of State Travel that says "Many southern states do not permit their teams to scrimmage once their season starts." Just want to give everyone a heads up. Hopefully, your school has a later spring break and this is not an issue.

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    We are in the same boat. Raised $8000 to go to Myrtle Beach this spring break only to find out that when they moved the season back our spring break stayed the same dates and we can no longer go.
  3. buck43055

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    I wonder if enough people complain to OHSAA, they will change it. I doubt it but worth a shot.
  4. SMc4SMc

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    Good info. Thank you.
  5. BA824

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    Same situation with us.
  6. BruisedShins

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    Same situation for the whole state. Simply no need for it.
  7. Stedman00

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    i would bet that the date was set based on calendar and counting backwards from end of season tourney stuff. With zero regard for potential conflicts with 'spring break'.
  8. First2Third

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    OHSAA needs to realize that spring break is a function of the state testing calendar. http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Testing/Test-Dates/2019-2020-Testing-Dates
    For English, there has to be a 15 consecutive day window from March 23 - April 24. That only leaves two possible options for spring break. Either the week of March 23, or the week of March 30. Most schools, therefore, select the week of March 23 because they don't want students to have to take the state tests on the first day immediately after spring break, when they are not in "school mode." Surely someone has attempted to explain this to Jerry Snodgrass, who in my experience is the most reasonable person ever to be at OHSAA. It's got to be either he's not aware of it, or he's working on it.
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  9. It's the OHSAA #clueless
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    I did as First2Third suggested and reached out to OHSAA/Jerry Snodgrass and here is their response:

    "I appreciate your email and since you are not connected directly as coach or administrator, much of what I say has been conveyed to both of those parties.

    In any case, I do want to emphasize the start dates for seasons of all sports are provided to schools and coaches at minimum 4 years in advance. While there seems to be a common belief that spring break dates are common across the state, they simply are not. For that reason, we do present those dates far in advance.

    Secondly, we do have an open process in which we listen to recommendations to adjustments/changes to our regulations. We have put this out for some time and neither the schools, the athletic directors or coaches have made any inquiry to change this. That is not to say that we could not have independent of everyone else but given the feedback and discussion and that spring break varies from school to school, we collectively made no proposal to our Board of Directors to do so.

    I hope that helps explain, understanding that people may still not agree."
  11. Stedman00

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    sounds as if OSHAA provided dates far ahead and school's did not research dates for any conflicts on their own.
  12. First2Third

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    So basically, people need to raise awareness of this issue to their athletic directors so they can inform OHSAA of the impact of the state testing dates on spring break dates. Spring break dates are more common than Mr. Snodgrass lets on for a very specific reason. I also very much doubt that school administrators/school boards are thinking about spring sports trips when they establish spring break dates. They're thinking about quarter ending dates and state test requirements. People and coaches need to make noise to their ADs so they can push it up the ladder.

    Because you're not going to get schools to change spring break dates. The only way to deal with this is to get OHSAA to change its dates.
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    Spring break trips are a burden for everyone involved. Everybody is excited except the parents that have to raise money or fork out cash to get their kid there. Save the cash host your own full week bash 3-4 days of DH coaches need to talk and get something together because nobody is going to Myrtle. Most schools are starting league play. Everyone knows making up 3-4 league games in the spring in Ohio is a pain.
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