ASA Tournament 2020 Sheer Madness College Showcase and USA National Qualifier June 19-21

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  1. Skapin

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    14u has one spot available
    10u has two spots available
  2. Skapin

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    We now officially know we will be playing softball June 19-21 for Sheer Madness
  3. Skapin

    Skapin Member

    One spot in 14u just opened
    other slots are full but the waiting lists are now empty in 12u/14u/16u. This weekend could involve more changes so get on the list asap if you want a chance to get in
  4. Skapin

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  5. Skapin

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    Tournament Shirts and Custom team logo masks are available through our partners at Rylon Printing! Even if you are not in the event you can order either. The masks fit and look great!

    All apparel will only be sold online throughout the event so check out the link!
  6. eddienite

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    It doesn't like look your 14u bracket has all the pools in it.
  7. Belk8

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    Any charge for fans and parents to get in?

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