2nd Annual Chieftain Classic

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  1. Jose_canusee

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    chieftain Classic is a Class C / Rec All Star team tournament
    Don’t let classification scare you away
    Class C simply means that you are from the same community
    We had a very successyyear last year and are looking forward to the same this year.

    Mingo Fields in Logan OH
    Have 3 large shelter houses for teams to gather in
    They have a huge playground for the siblings and a great concession with very low prices
    There is no parking or gate fee
    Coolers pop ups grills are all allowed in

    July 19-21
    Cost is 10u-14u $350 4gg 3pp into single elim
    8u $250 3gg 2 pp into single elim

    No drop 3rd strike
    Roster bat entire tournament

    All 1st and 2nd place will receive awards
    Email gm10moore@att.net
    Or call 749-243-6581 for an entry
  2. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Well-Known Member

    We have 5 spots left in 8u
    6 in 10-12-14 u to make 12 teams

    $350 4gg 2 umpires per game
  3. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Well-Known Member

    We still have room in the 8u , 12u and 14u come join us for a great tournament
    We have 4 8u , will take 4 more
    10u we have 12
    12u we have 6 and will take 6 more
    14u we have 7 and will take 5 more
    Give me a call or text 740-243-6581
  4. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Well-Known Member

    We are fullin all age groups but 8u
    We can take 2 more 8u teams .
    10u has 16
    12u has 8
    14u has 10
    We need 2 more 8u
    Please call or text 740-243-6581
  5. Jose_canusee

    Jose_canusee Well-Known Member

    Tournament is pretty much full but we need 2 more 8u and a 10u
    We can take 2 more 14u

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