FASA 2nd Annual Memorial Classic Veterans Benefit 5/25-5/26/2019

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    2nd ANNUAL MEMORIAL CLASSIC May 25-26th, 2019

    This is a four game minimum event (weather permitting). Cost $400. A minimum of Awards to 1st and 2nd Place in each age group. Registration form is available below. More information at www.ohiofastpitchtournaments.com as well. We are also looking for to add special events for the players including competitions and other activities.

    Victory Park does charge a gate fee. FASA Event - You do not pay Sanctioning Fee. (For this event we do not offer discounts for multiple teams as all proceeds go to the "Road Warrior Project."

    The Road Warrior Foundation was formed in December 2013 by two Friends, Brothers in Arms and Patriots looking to make a difference in the lives of soldiers who weren’t as lucky as they were.

    They desired to start an organization that wasn’t a “big business.” They wanted little overhead and to ensure that all resources went where they were needed most – directly to veterans.

    This organization utilizes powersports and adventure to produce a challenging environment that takes people out and puts them back in the driver’s seat. We call it adventure therapy and it works! We have partnered with BRP, one of the world’s leading powersports manufacturers to give VIP adventures to deserving individuals and help them recover by driving them to succeed and perform and thrive in an unfamiliar environment that helps them overcome the problems that challenge them in their daily life.

    Here is a one min video that also describes it:


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    1, NEO Navigators
    2. Explosive - White
    3. Diamond Chix
    4. Willoughby Starzz

    1. NEO Navigators
    2. OH Monsters 06 - Gurich
    3. Explosive - Pink
    4. Pittsburgh Riot 11U
    5. OH Monsters - Stief
    6. Chargers - Dever
    7. Silver Creek Prospects 07
    8. OH. Lightning 06 - Bird
    9. OH. Fire - Gunvalsen
    10. Racer Fastpitch 06 - Akers
    11. Wolfpack 07
    12. Explosive - Black
    13. NWO Heat 07
    14. Willoughby Starzz

    1. Chardon Storm
    2. Lake Erie Warhawks - Dixon
    3. OH Eliminators 04 - Faith
    4. Brunswick Blue Devils
    5. Brunswick Elite 13U
    6. Ohio Eliminators - Cooper
    7. Ohio Monsters 14u Nader
    8. Ohio Rebels Fastpitch
    9. adsworth Nightmares
    10 Youngstown Express
    11. NEO Navigators 14u
    12. NEO Freeze
    13. Diamond Chix Premier
    14. Explosive - White Hurst
    15. NEO Rogue Runners

    1. NEO Navigators
    2. Sox - Medlen
    3. OH Monsters - Green
    4. OH Lightning 03 - Grissom
    5. OH Monsters -Black
    6. OH. Ice Gold -Short
    7. OH. Eliminators - Givens
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    Tournament is updated 1-11-2019. . Coaches, please go to www.playfasa.com and register your team and enter tournament. Remember you do not pay Sanction Fees. When the site asks for payment, just ignore. You can then enter tournament(s). This will enable us to email and communicate, schedules etc with you with using commercial programs.
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    Looking for more teams, please review the video link above, this tournament will see 100% of proceeds after expenses donated to the Road Warriors veterans group. Our goal is at least 40 -45 teams!!!
  5. Bob_Himmelein

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    Looking for more teams, please review the video link above, this is a great cause for veterans!!!. Our goal is at least 40 -45 teams! Take a look at the video and work this one into your schedule!!!

    Bob Himmelein
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    Looking for at least one more 10U and some at 16U 16U will go for sure and we expect to pick-up some additional.
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    We will be closing this one to new entries on 5/16/2019

    This tournament is a benefit for the Road Warriors Veterans group (there Video is posted above)All, after expenses, will go to benefit that organization! We are very pleased to see this tournament continue to grow and will take additional teams in all age groups. All games will be at Victory Sports Park.

    If you have an open week this week or other teams in your organization are free, contact me at bobh1951@gmail.com and we will get you in.

    Thanks again!
    Bob H
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    Is there a schedule yet
  9. Bob_Himmelein

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    Coaches have schedules, I am going to post as well here. Brackets to follow.

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    Also. Bracket?
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    Said they will be coming later. Probably this afternoon or evenings.
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    Memorial Classic Results:
    1. This tournament was designated as a fund raiser for the Road Warriors Organization and while we do not have a final total yet, we will be able to donate more than $3,000 to this great cause, plus shirt concessions and items they sold and donations from umpires.

    2. Despite thunder delays, rain on and off and some delays to get fields playable we were able to get all games in. The VSP crew did a great job, while fighting steady rain and we finished 10U ahead of schedule and the other all others within 1.5 hours of what would have been normal.

    The 10U final was won by Diamond Chix over NEO Navigators

    The 12U Division was won by Chargers over OH. Monsters 06
    Semi-Finals were: Monsters 06 over OH. Lightening
    Chargers over the Akron Racers

    The 14U Division was won by Diamond Chix Premier over the Warhawks
    Semi-finals were: Diamond Chix over Chardon Storm
    Warhawks over Monsters (Nader)
    To those who were there, you saw great sportsmanship in action, some very classy people and coaches. Made being in the drizzle at 7:45pm worth while!

    The 16 Division was won by Sox-Medlen over Monsters Green
    Semi-Final was Monsters Green over OH. Lightning

    We greatly appreciate all your organizations and their coaches! To those who have players participating in this sport, please thank them for their commitment, time and energy.

    Thank you

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