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  1. Kristi Stief

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    ******Tournament Canceled******

    3rd Annual Monstersball Tournament

    June 27th & 28th 2020
    10U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U
    4GG (Weather permitting)

    $425 (Multi team discount of $25 per team if 3 or more teams enter within an organization)
    (No sanction fee due until you enter a 3rd FASA event)
    Lagrange Community Park and Wellington Community Park
    48 team maximum

    For more information contact tournament director Kristi Stief
    email monstersballtd@gmail.com or call 419-566-1027
    10U ****1 spot available****
    Ohio Monsters - Piovarchy
    Ohio Hit Club - Armitage
    Ohio Hit Club - Banks
    Ohio Rebels - Aliff
    Grizzly Fastpitch - Williams
    Lewis Center Sharks

    12U****3 spots available****
    Ohio Monsters-Stief
    Lake Erie Rage - Pyles
    Ohio Hit Club - Andujar
    Ohio Rebels - Myers
    Ohio Rebels - Hensley
    Ohio Scarlet Gray - Sipes
    Phantoms - Dyer
    Diamon Chix - Thomas

    14U ****closed, accepting wait list****
    Ohio Monsters - Nader
    Ohio Monsters - Gurich
    Ohio Monsters - Lichty
    Ohio Energy - Alderman
    Brunswick Blue Devils - Patrick
    Diamon Chix - Cancilla
    Lady Lookouts 05 - Bowersock
    NEO Navigators - Schuh
    Ohio Rebels - Collins
    PA Renegades - Schumacher
    Phantoms - Dyer
    Wizards - Jovanovic
    Mountaineer Pride
    Tri-City Titans - Orange

    16U****1 spot available****
    Ohio Monsters - Hamman
    NEO Navigators - Manfredonia
    Ohio Rebels - Thomas
    SS Express 04
    Explosive - Hurst

    18U****2 spots available****
    Ohio Monsters - Stewart
    Ohio Monsters - Tate
    NEO Navigators - Zawadzki

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  2. Phantoms

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    please add Phantoms 12 & 14u to your list. We will get registration in asap.
  3. Kristi Stief

    Kristi Stief New Member

    I have added your two teams and will be on the lookout for your registrations. Thank you for choosing to play in our tournament!
  4. Kristi Stief

    Kristi Stief New Member

    Teams have been posted. As of right now we have the following spots open:
    10U - 1 spot
    12U - 3 spots
    14U - FULL, accepting wait list
    16U - 1 spot
    18U - s spots

    I anticipate closing out more age groups soon, please contact me before registering or sending payment to check availability. monstersballtd@gmail.com

    Thank you for taking a look at our tournament.
  5. Kristi Stief

    Kristi Stief New Member

    Unfortunately this tournament has been canceled due to unavailability of fields.

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