4th Annual Maple Leaf West/ FASA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP

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    4th ANNUAL MAPLE LEAF WEST/ FASA State Tournament! June 15-16th, 2019
    10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U

    Games will be played at Victory Sports Park and Vic Janowicz Fields which are located nearby in Elyria.
    Both Facilities include Restrooms and concession stands.
    Both Charge gates fees, which is why entry fee is lower than many!

    5 Game Minimum (weather permitting)

    This will be the FASA Ohio State Championship for 2019!

    Make sure you chck out playfasa.com for details on the National Championships in beautiful Branson, MO. The event is designed for the players, you are not required to STAY to PLAY and all insurances are accepted.

    $425 per team. $25 Discount per team if multiple teams from same organization!

    FASA Event - You do not pay Sanctioning Fee!

    Registration form is available for all events on at www.ohiofastpitchtournaments.com

    You can contact TD Bob Himmelein at 440-773-9973 or via e-mail at bobh1951@gmail.com

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    See updates to announcement above. This event will be the FASA State Tournament above.
    Thanks for your interest.
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    Teams Entered include:

    TEAMS IN BLUE ARE SANCTIONED. Coaches, if your not sanctioned on this list, please go in and add your sanctioning by following instruction at www.playfasa.com

    A guide to this procedure is provided at

    1. LE Warhawks - Aliff
    2. Explosive Black

    1. OH. Monsters - Stief (Paid)
    2. Thunder Elite 06

    3. Explosive Pink
    4. Valley Extreme 07 (Purnell) (Paid)
    5. Hit and Run
    6. OH. Monsters - Gurich (Paid)
    7. Racers Fastpitch - Akers (Paid)
    8. OH. Fire - Gunvalsen

    1. OH Monsters Blk. Hamman (Paid)
    2. L E Warhawks - Lane
    3. Canton Coyotes
    4. Youngstown Express - Cutlip
    5 OH. ICE - Silver

    6. Tsunami
    7. Hit and Run Rathburn ( Paid)
    8. Hit and Run Camp (Paid)


    1. OH. Monsters - Green (Tate) Paid
    2. Explosive - Gray
    3. OH. Rebels - (Parson)
    4. OH. Lightning -Prock
    5. Tsunami
    6. OH. Emeralds 03 - Hall
    7. Hit and Run

    8. Hot Sox Medlen (?) Paid
    9. Buckeye Charge 03
    10. Ohio Energy -Hinz



    1. Hit and Run
    2. Farenheit Fastpitch (Deposit)
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    Tournament is updated (1-11-2019) . Coaches, please go to www.playfasa.com and register your team and enter tournament. Remember you do not pay Sanction Fees. When the site asks for payment, just ignore. You can then enter tournament(s). This will enable us to email and communicate, schedules etc with you with using commercial programs.
    Thanks for your interest.
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    Tournament is updated. NEED 10U & 18U teams. We will run division with a minimum of four teams.

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    Updated 3/11/2019. Let's get some 10U and 18U teams going. This is a 5 game minimum event for $425 with group discounts. Will run both divisions with at least four teams.

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