FASA 4TH Annual May Mayhem.

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    FASA Event - You do not pay Sanction Fees unless you play in 3 or more FASA events
    MAY 16-17th, 2020
    10U, 12U, 14U, 4 GAME MINIMUM* *Weather Permitting
    $400 and NO gate fees.

    Sunday Slam Home Run Shirts

    Awards for 1st and 2nd Place
    If there is enough interest we will do 9U, 11U and 13U Play-offs and awards.​

    To register go to www.playfasa.com Follow instructions as shown in link below. DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT ON LINE.

    Payment should be sent to Ohio FP Umpires
    C/O Bob Himmelein
    15705 Tavern Road
    Burton, OH 44021

    Contact the Tournament Director for Group Discounts. This event has filled early this past season!

    Games will be played at Gracie fields and if necessary nearby fields, Rootstown, OH. Gracie Park is one of the nicest small parks in NE Ohio with a great ground crew!

    FOR MORE TOURNAMENT INFORMATION, contact Bob Himmelein - 440-773-9973 or via e-mail at bobh1951@gmail.com

    Information is also posted at www.ohiofastpitchtournaments.com

    75 Minutes, finish the inning. 12U – 18U Championship Games will be untimed, 10U will be maximum of 100 minutes, finish the inning.
    Teams must be ready to play 20 minutes ahead of schedule.
    Refunds as per rules of the event in the event of rain-outs.
    Sportsmanship is expected and crude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
    Restrooms, Concessions are available.
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    TEAMS ENTERED AS OF 01/08/2020 OPEN SLOTS SHOWN BELOW. Thanks for your support!

    Note if we have at least four that are odd year teams and want to play separate play-off we can set that up.

    10U FULL
    1. Buckeye Heat 09 Shauck, OH 10U B
    2. Ohio Rebels Aliff Huron. OH 10U B
    3. Phantoms 10U
    4. Silver Creek - Orelli
    5. Thunder Elite 09 - Plant
    6. Ohio Blast- Strock

    11u/12U May have one opening at 12U Email TD if interested at bobh1951@gmail.com.
    (We have enough to separate play-offs here, in 11U and 12U) If interested in playing 12U contact TD as we may add some if others do not fill.
    1. Chardon Storm Chardon OH 11U
    2. Ohio Emeralds 08 Sirohman Louisville OH 11U B
    3. Ohio Warriors 08 Youngstown OH 11U A
    4. Thunder Elite 08 Youngstown OH 11U B
    5. Steel Valley Storm - Trell
    6. Cobras 08 -Concord 11uU
    7. Spikes Softball, Canton, OH 11U
    8. Thunders Elite Rininger 11U

    9. Lady Lookouts 07 Tallmadge OH 12U B
    10. Ohio Monsters Black LaGrange OH 12U B
    11. Ohio Rebels 12U Myers Huron OH 12U B
    12. Ohio Scarlet Gray Fredericktown OH 12U C
    13. Phantoms 12u Brimfield OH 12U B
    14. ROC Elite Schneider Sharon PA 12U B
    15. Steel Valley Storm Millich Steel Valley NV 12U A
    16. Ohio Blast - Dado
    17. Ohio Ice - Black (Petrash)
    18. Wolfpack - J. Wolf

    Waiting List

    1. Chardon Storm Chardon OH 13U A
    2. Explosive Fastpitch Becker Strongsville OH 13U A
    3. Ohio SlamForce Alliance OH 14U B

    4. Eliminators ( No registered)
    5. Brunswick Blue Devils 14U
    6. Buckeye Charge -Gordon

    1. Ohio Rebels 16U Thomas Huron OH 16U B
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    List is updated through 7am 1/9/2020, Thank you.
    Bob H.
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    List updated 01/16/2020 7pm
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    LIST UPDATED 01/27/2020 One opening at 14U as a team has not registered. If interested in being on wait list for 10U or 12U , please e-mail TD at bobh1951@gmail.com

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