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    It is a real issue - many of the midlevel programs and Down are concerned about this trend but until no one does it everyone has to do it for these high end recruits.
    Now I assume this is a Very special young lady but 7th grade is crazy -

    I read somewhere Labrons son had received an offer from some college a couple years ago - he might have been 10 at the time
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    It would be interesting to see just how many of these early commits turn out to be absolute busts. You'll never see any type of stat for that, but I would bet a high percentage of them either don't meet the expectations, or are total wash outs.
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    I believe it's Simms V at WVU that was offered a QB slot by Stanford as a 13 year old. He struggled through high school and a coaching change at Stanford. He then bounced around, landed at WVU, took a year off and tried to QB at a small college, Came back to WVU and is now a leading receiver in the Big 12.

    I'm sure there are many stories like this but without the happy ending. They just disappeared.
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    My dd is an '04, seventh grader and from what I see daily from her, this is way too young.
    But, I also have a hard time with sophomore verbaling, I almost think that is too young, although more tolerable.
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    I personally have NO PROBLEM with this young lady making a verbal commit as a seventh grader. There are some who are mature enough and some who aren't. She certainly has the pedigree, (father NBA, mother Olympic track) and her parents have obviously been through this before to support her. When one gets an offer from a major D1, what risk is there? Do you really think that she won't find what she wants career-wise at Florida? She attends Windermere Prep
    which will have her prepared for the academics, and from the looks of her skills video, this "little 7th grader" can absolutely mash the ball.
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