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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by City Slicker, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Thanks for posting. Yes, there must be more behind this story. Joey certainly did a lot for the game and the league ... very surprised to read this.
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    I don't believe they will ever find anyone with more passion and love for the game then Joey.

    I've spent many hours talking with Joey in her office and on the phone, she truly has made the Akron Racers what it is today. When other would have gave up a long time ago she kelp pushing ahead at her own personal lost. She was always willing and open to suggest. Not having Joey in the front office and the unbranded of the Akron Racers name will most likely be the beginning of the end for Pro Softball in Ohio. (HOPE I'M WRONG).

    Joey I want to thank you for everything you have done and the sacrifices you have made in oder to bring Pro Softball to the state of Ohio.
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    Definitely more to the story which will come soon. Anyone who knows Joey knows that this isn't her decision.... and had no say in it.

    There isn't a person in the world that cares more about the game than Joey. I wish that the commissioner (Cheri Kempf) had the same feelings as Joey.
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    Joey Arietta has done so much for softball not only in Akron but throughout the state and for the pro league. I am saddened by the news that the league has pushed her out. It definitely would not have lasted this long, 17 years, without her commitment, drive, and sacrifice. Knowing Joey, she will continue to work endlessly for the Akron Racers Charities Foundation and run first class events for HS, college, and travel ball. It will be interesting to see how a pro team will survive in Akron without Joey. I am guessing the league has no idea how much of an impact Joey has really had but they are about to find out. Big mistake NPF.
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    Certainly disappointing to here this !!!.So now the thinking is grow the sport internationally at the expense of our US professional teams?Our players are the best in the world for a reason.Our girls can have dreams of playing at the highest level,and with hard work can achieve it.Taking away our teams and not supporting them(ie City of Akron,Cheri Kemp)is a disservice to our country and our current and future professional players.
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    Remember that professional sports is a business.

    Regardless of how much we all loved Joey, or how good the team was for Ohio, people make "business decisions" that break the hearts of the fans. (Does the name Art Modell ring any bells?)

    It's always about money. In this case the majority owner felt he wasn't getting enough - and he was probably right.
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    Louuuu - I agree with all of what you said. The issue is the way it was handled. For Craig & Cheri to do a deal without including Joey or the City of Akron is just wrong. Had an attempt been made to even talk to the leaders of the city about it, maybe something could have been done to keep the Racers.
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    They weren't happy with the raw deal that Joey got.

    Like I said earlier, the chips are starting to fall and it's not over just yet
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    MLB has done a really good job promoting youth softball. They need to step up and form a professional fastpitch league on the same model as the NBA/WNBA. I fear that is the only chance pro fastpitch has to be viable in the long term.
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    I was sad to read this yesterday. I think the whole USA Softball NPF issues might have a lot to do (indirectly) with things. There is no shortage of support for the big names in college softball and many on the national team. And I think a ton of those players in the NPF could draw a lot more support and help increase ticket sales- which in turn would bring more corporate sponsorships -
    but they can’t do both which is a big problem.
    But like Louuuu said, it all comes down to money and if there isn’t money year after year it just can’t happen. That is all of our faults. I know so many people who say they love fastpitch softball but never went to a Racers game. How many people have entertained clients at an Indians game but never considered entertaining at a Racers game (or asking their employer to consider buying season tickets or being a corporate sponsor). There were opportunities every game to sponsor low income teams to come watch a game that went unpurchased. If we really love the game we should love it at all levels and want girls and women - not just our daughters- to be involved at all levels.
    Hopefully if we get a second chance we put our money where our mouths are and support a team.
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    The news keeps getting worse ... no pro games in Akron in 2018 ... very disappointing ...
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    Jeff if you look at the history of girls pro fastpitch. There really been very little good news over the years. Some people say its all about money, of course it's about money. Look at all the pro teams that have disband after very short runs. Most recently the Pennsylvania Rebellion they lasted only 2 - 3 seasons, quiet understandable with a fan base that is non-existent at the gate, low ticket sales it's hard to believe the pro's have been in existence for 17 years.

    Let's look at something, even with Joey passion an love for the game, I'm sure financially she will be much better off without the Financial drain of the Akron Racers.

    But we're all aware that Joey wasn't in this for the money, or she would have gave up 14 years ago.
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    The agreement with the City of Akron and Joey is through the Foundation

    **Edit: The agreement is with the Foundation & the Racers name.
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    When I saw this AND the Scrap Yards Dawgs leaving, it made me sick. I think of the girls who get all excited after the game to talk and meet with their favorite players after the games and now won't have that opportunity.
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    With the seemingly large numbers of girls playing, I can't figure out why sponsorship is so difficult.
    About the Scarp Yard Dawgs...I read that they are playing a full schedule and upping the player salaries. They must have figured it out before the NPF did. Hopefully others will band together to keep it an accessible spectator sport and continue to inspire young ladies who play the game.
  19. TheSoftballZone

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    I'm not sure how they can do that, each team has a salary cap of $150K for the season.
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    They are no longer affiliated with NPF
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