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    ASA 2016 Coca Cola Pink Ribbon Classic College Showcase June 24, 25,26

    UPDATED 6/16/16


    PLEASE GO TO www.plateboss.com FOR REGISTRATION...it is a pdf type and print form..please use to type in info....Thanks

    Send checks to: Plateboss Elite Softball, PO Box 3265, Fairborn OH 45324

    Fairfield Park and Community Park, Fairborn, Ohio. Fairfield Park has a new address... 627 N Broad St Fairborn 45324...this address may not work in a garmin or tom tom so use 621 N Broad and you can't miss it. Totally renovated park with concrete restrooms at main complex and good inexpensive concessions.

    5 gg (weather permitting) $410... Games are 75 min finish the inning in pool and 80 min finish the inning in bracket. Tie breaker is head to head, followed by runs allowed, run differential and then coin flip. RR is 12,10,8

    ASA rules in pool with these exceptions. You may bat roster. If you do bat the entire roster, you may use a last batted out CR.
    In bracket play all ASA rules apply with the RR exception (12,10,8)

    ASA Commissioner and TD on site. You need to check in before playing. You will need ASA sanction number, roster, concussion certificate, (I think the ACE certification cover all), proof of insurance and payment in full before playing. The ASA Commissioner will check you in.

    18u FULL

    1. Ohio Hawks Foster*
    2. Freedom Elite*
    3. Blackhawks Johnson*
    4. Ohio Edge*
    5. Miami County Blaze Schafer*
    6. Ohio Passion*

    16u FULL
    1. Ohio Edge - Black*
    2. Ohio Attack - Smith*
    3. Blackhawks Swat*
    4. Fahrenheit Fastpitch*
    5. Central Ohio Ice 99 Bishop*
    6. Legends*
    7. Ohio Swat 99*
    8. Queen City Ultimates Blue*
    9. Queen City Ultimates Black*
    10. Ohio Staars Alexander*
    12. Cincy Magic 99 Barrett*

    12. Springfield Heat*
    13. Ohio Fury*
    14. Valley Storm*

    14u FULL

    1. NEO Freeze 02*
    2. Miami County Blaze*
    3. Ohio Thunder 02*
    4. Blackhawks Gibson*
    5. Staars Academy*
    6. Southern Ohio Cyclones*
    7. Miamisburg Sting Blue*
    8. Miami Valley Xpress 02 Blue*
    9. Ohio Lady Bombers 01*
    10.Cannons - Canan*
    11. Shelby County Shock McMillen*
    12. Ohio Stealth*
    13. Midland Magic*
    14. Ohio Edge*


    1. PC Inferno*
    2. Buckeye Heat 04*
    3. Cannons - Hammonds*
    4. Montgomery County Hammers*
    5. Ohio Wave 03*
    6. Ohio Hawks Rubal*
    7. Ohio Stealth*
    8. Miami Valley Express Robbins*
    9. Miami County Blaze*
    10. Static Elite/Easton*

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  2. is this 3 and double, or 4 and single (weather permitting)?

    Thank you!
  3. Will be the first time down here in a few years, looking forward to seeing these fields again!
  4. athensswat

    athensswat Member

    Please add Ohio SWAT '99 to the tournament
  5. 4baseaward

    4baseaward Member

    4 and a single...Thanks
  6. 4baseaward

    4baseaward Member

    Adding Ohio Swat 99....the bracket is just about full !!!...Thanks
  7. 4baseaward

    4baseaward Member

    Thanks for the entry !! I am looking forward to it !!
  8. 4baseaward

    4baseaward Member

    I don't think you will be disappointed. They are adding lights to the other 3 fields also but those may not be up by June.

    Thanks again for coming !!
  9. BHaines

    BHaines New Member

    What happened to the 8U registration page?
  10. 4baseaward

    4baseaward Member

    The 8u is up !!
  11. JSad

    JSad Member

    Please add Sting Fastpitch 03
  12. ValleyStorm

    ValleyStorm Member

    Valley Storm 10U registration in the mail.
  13. Roadwarriors

    Roadwarriors New Member

    Can you add HH Roadwarriors 8U to the list.
  14. OhioKymn

    OhioKymn Member

    Ohio Passion 18U would love that last 18u Spot!
    Sending in form tomorrow-
  15. wahhutch9

    wahhutch9 Member

    Is 8u kid pitch or coach pitch?
  16. will there be a link to the schedule or just sent to the coaches? Thanks in advance!

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