Biggest Dislike of Travel Softball

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    I did not read through all of the replies, but my biggest dislike of travel softball is that I find myself, more and more, actually HATING the sport of softball because of the bad experiences that we have had (my DD and us parents) and what I have seen other parents and DD's put through. I could fill this server with horror stories of what I have seen over the years, but I will just leave it at that for now.....:(
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    We have played in Aunt Rosie's, and Dave is probably the best tournament Director I have ever met. Great competition, great facilities, friendly staff. They also have the best hot dogs I have ever had!!
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    We are in our 4th travel year and we love it. There is a team, level, schedule, rate of fee for everyone. If you want to travel then travel, if you want to play just local teams then there are teams that do that. Find the right level that is comfortable for your family and the competition level is right for your DD and she is happy playing. If you don't like the parents on your team it will make it much more difficult. We have been blessed to have played on teams that we loved the parent group and have made some amazing friends along the way. That can make it hard as the team changes and some families go different directions, but it is part of it, it is going to happen so be ready. We play a pretty high level and play almost all of our tournaments out of state and definitely spend some coin but we try to make it like a vacation as often as possible. We literally drive from one tournament to another sometimes.
    Stay and play is ridiculous and everyone hates it.
    Wristbands, when used properly, are awesome. We played on teams that used them well and it was very efficient, the girls missed maybe one sign per game, and it moved along smooth. We played plenty of teams that were wristband retarded (no offense to anyone) and it is sooo annoying. This year's team is coached by a former D-1 coach and she refuses to use them and says they need to get used to not having them. It was a struggle at first but they will do fine.
    I hate and love softball dads. The stereotypes are funny and I see it all the time and actually catch myself being "softball dad" and I try not to be that guy.
    I also can't stand bad coaches. I don't mean ignorant coaches, I mean bad coaches. I know plenty of coaches that are just out there to help, they do not consider themselves great coaches, they are just guys trying to help girls get better and enjoy the game. These coaches may not know everything about the game, they probably played baseball and are trying to learn alongside the players. These guys are great, there is a place for them and they should be appreciated for doing something a lot of guys won't do. I can't stand coaches that think they know everything, try to make the game more about them, try to act like they are Bobby Knight, stomp around the field and bitch at the ump every call. I can't stand coaches that at pre-14u level, have no interest in developing girls just want to get the top players right now and win. I can't stand trophy chasing coaches that go blow out weak teams in a tournament and then post on Facebook how awesome his team is.

    I love softball and my favorite part is the time I get to spend with my daughter and family because of it. I love the young lady my daughter is becoming and a lot of it is because she loves softball. She has learned to take on the competition, setting a higher standard for herself in all things, and being a productive part of a team. She has learned to be coachable, she has learned when to listen and when to lead. I teach at a high school and see teens all day that can't deal with life, no direction, no goals, no self respect. One of my favorite things about softball is walking into a ball park and seeing tons of young ladies that won't have those problems.
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    The year my daughter played there they cancelled an entire round of games and shortened all other games without any reason. There was no bad weather or anything like that. It's been on my 'avoid' list ever since. It's just like Beavercreek. I've never played there when there weren't cancellations or schedule changes with littlwntono advance notice. Avoid that place too at all costs.
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    Interesting comments. First2Third If your talking about 16U Tournament last year, I don't remember any games being shortened because we don't believe in that! As for a round being cancelled because of weather that is not true either. All Teams played 4 pool play games!!! The 4th round was turned into Showcase games because we were watching the weather reports and we did not think we would get thru a full round. You make no one happy when you start figuring seeding when not everybody has played the same amount of games.

    Our Communication to our Coaches and Parents goes beyond what most Tournaments offer.
    First off, all our games are in one location. I am highly visible and approachable. You can see me transporting grandparents, doing garbage can duty, taking toilet paper to restrooms or watering down fields. Second we use Tourney Machine to send Messages to Coaches. Third we use Facebook and Twitter. We have a great website with lots of info that anyone can see.

    Our 30 year Record/Testimonials/Reputation is second to none. That is being said by people attending our Tournaments, not me.

    I am truly sorry you feel this way. We are not perfect but we try pretty hard to be.
    Please reach out to me anytime!

    Dave Myers
    Aunt Rosie's TD
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    Our team has never played in Aunt Rosie's, but I know plenty of people that have and all say it is a good tournament and is well run. Just sayin
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    Been to Aunt Rosie's twice when my daughter played, and then Ricky and I went again a few years ago to podcast a championship game. Dave and his tourneys are first class all-around.
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