Bittany Mullen Pitching Instruction, Northeast Ohio

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    Brittany Mullen
    Pitching instruction
    Safe, Efficient, Effective, Mechanics.

    If you're looking for a pitching instructor you've got to check out
    My daughter trained with Brittany Mullen who trained and studied with her mentor and colleague Doug Finch.
    Brittany teaches pitching based on Biomechanics. She was my daughter's instructor for many years, and we were amazed with the results. (This page is not to impune any instructor, it's not a debate about what's right or wrong. It's about what's safe or unsafe.)
    Did you know there are certain pitches that you can not throw safely. This information is backed by facts, physics, and common sense. Don't take my word for it, do your own research, and find out how Biomechanics utilizes science to make pitching safe and effective. Biomechanics compliments the art of windmill pitching.
    Ask yourself this: Do you know if your daughter's mechanics are safe ? How efficient and effective are her mechanics?
    If you'd like to know more about the Biomechanics based pitching technique Brittany teaches, contact her at: or (330) 620-6513


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