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    Team of the Week, Player of the week, Coach of the Week.

    Each week between January 01 thru December 30, The Softball Zone News in conjunction with TheSoftballZone Forum will be accepting nominations for Teams, Players and Coaches of the week.

    All Nominees must be submitted by 8:00 p.m. ever Wednesday. The Team, player and Coach of the week winner will be announced ever Saturday on The Softball Zone News website, all winner and nominee's will receive recognition on The Softball Zone News website.

    All Teams and Players that are nominated have a chance to win either a $1,000 sponsorships or scholarship payable by Moorehead.

    Coach of the Year will receive $500.00 payable by TheSoftballZone/Ricky Moorehead.

    Voting for player, team and coach of year will begin January 5, 2020 on TheSoftballZone Forum voting will continue until Friday January the 31st, 2020. The Team, Player and Coach of the of the year for 2019 will be announced on TheSoftballZone News websiteon Monday February the 3rd, 2020. The Team of the Year will receive a $1,000 sponsorship. The Player of the year will also receive a $1,000 sponsorship or scholarships. Coach of the year will receive $500 dollars.

    Any forum member can nominate Teams, Players or Coaches of the week. All nominations must include a picture of the Team, Player or Coach along with a 250 word summary on your nominating.

    Any nominations that didn't win Team, Player or Coach of the week will be eligible to win Team, Player or Coach of the week on following weeks.

    How to Submit your nominations.

    You can either send me a PM on the forum, text me at 740.704.5705 or email me at pilot823@

    Note* we only have 25 weeks left in 2019. Starting in 2020 we will cover all 52 weeks. Even with only 25 weeks left we still plan to give the 2019 winners Team $1,000, Player$1,000 and the Coach $500.

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