Demarini CF9 31/21

Discussion in 'Fastpitch Softball Items for Sale' started by Long Baller, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Long Baller

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    I have a like new condition CF9, 31 -10 Balanced (not Insane, Hope, or Slapper). I bought it last February, but my daughter didn't like the way it swung, so she continued using her Slapper bat instead. She kept it in her bag as a back up, and I don't think she ever used it in a game. Just tee work and front toss.

    I think $125 is a fair price. Message me an email or phone number, and I will send pics. I am in NE Ohio, not too far from Akron.

  2. amhbmh

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  3. BigBaller06

    BigBaller06 New Member

    Is this still available and do you have a picture?
  4. Long Baller

    Long Baller Member

    Yes, it is still available. The pics won't upload, so I can email or text them to you.


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