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    Let's Discuss Fastpitch Softball Bats or if you choose, we can call them girls softball bats.

    Fastpitch Softball Bats come in all sizes and length and are made of Aluminum or Composite or a combination of both. I think Fastpitch Softball Bats that are made by a combination of Aluminum and Composite should have a cool name like (Hybrid Fastpitch Softball Bats)

    Allot of Sanction Body have rules and restrictions on the use of girls softball bats. I can't wait to see what the Sanction Body will do if the new Boys Helium Filled bats come to Fastpitch Softball World. I'm sure that day is not far down the road. I can see the sales pitch already.

    GET YOUR NEW Helium Filled Girls Fastpitch Softball Bats. Why Stop at Helium?

    Picking the correct Fastpitch Softball Bat(s) was a major Task 20 years ago, but thanks to the internet your Daughter can be swinging her new High Tech Top of line Bat in 24 hours.

    In many cases you can find reviews on Fastpitch Softball Bats. Just jump on Google, in the search bar type Girls Fastpitch Softball Bats Review. You will come up with (About 55,800 results using Google). If your looking online for your Daughter(s) Bat(s) the way to search in Google is using only three words (Fastpitch Softball Bats) you find about 495,000 pages of information on girls softball Bats.

    This Thread is going to be a sticky inside the General Softball Section.

    Help Build this Thread with Honest Reviews on Fastpitch Softball Bats your daughter or players have used. We may even talk about your reviews on TheSoftballZone Radio Show.

    1.) You reviews can be good or bad.

    2.) If you have a picture of the Bat(s) your going to review, please post it with your review.

    3.) In your reviews include as much information as you can about the Bat(s) and your daughter or players results as well.

    If you getting a new bat right out of the wrapper for 2015, please take a picture of your daughter New Fastpitch Softball Bat(s). I think it would be cool to see a Before and After picture of the Bats.

    I'm going to write some reviews on Bats the are over 15 years old and still in services.
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    If you are playing USSSA fast pitch, you are going to have the USSSA mark on it and the bat has to be on the approved bat manufacturer list. The mark was introduced in 2012. FYI, any one playing USSSA baseball the same requirement exists. The bat performance factor (bpf) for baseball is 1.15 and softball is 1.20

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