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Discussion in 'Stay in Softball - donate used equipment' started by dugger1215, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. dugger1215

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    Does anyone know if there is anyone looking for used softball equipment to donate in the Columbus area?
  2. Irish196

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    Stay in Softball takes used equipment donations and we donate it to players throughout the state. Our storage unit is in Cleveland but will pick up donations of more than a few items anywhere in OH. We also do drop offs (for teams) or send items (to individuals) anywhere in OH and to out of state cities that border OH. Our website is being worked on right now but we recently posted on our Facebook site that we are taking equipment requests for the spring middle school/ high school season.

    When many kids on a team need equipment we will bring our bins full of gloves, bats, cleats, catching gear, masks, etc. and the girls can pick out the items they want.

    We are also taking requests to help a few teams with uniform items (black softball pants, socks, belts and jerseys) but we are almost at our limit for that program already.

    Finally, we are taking requests to help a few teams with team and/or field equipment such as tees, bases, pitching strips, field lining chalk, etc.

    Coaches can also contact us for individual players who need something and we will send that equipment at no charge.

    If you would like more information, please e mail us at

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