Fall Ball Fall Double Header League in Fairborn.

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  1. stamper620

    stamper620 New Member

    DYT Sports is sponsoring a Fall Fastpitch league on Sunday Afternoons Sept./Oct. 2018 5 weeks in Fairborn, OH.
    10u, 12u, 14u ASA

    Contact Dawn Stamper
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  2. tdford5

    tdford5 Member

    Dawn runs good leagues at Fairborn
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  3. MadT

    MadT Member

    She sure does!
  4. Smitvols38

    Smitvols38 Member

    Any information on 2019 spring/summer leagues in Fairborn?
  5. stamper620

    stamper620 New Member

    Our 12 & 14 leagues are full. Still looking for 10u teams.
  6. Smitvols38

    Smitvols38 Member

    When was the sign ups posted never seen anything
  7. stamper620

    stamper620 New Member

    They are returners from last Summer or Fall. I always offer them spots first since they have played in the past. Since this is the fourth year I've been running it; it filled up fast. If you email me your contact information I will add you to my list.
  8. Smitvols38

    Smitvols38 Member

    Southwest Outlaws 05 Kevin Smith
  9. RacerX

    RacerX New Member

    Is there a schedule for the spring / summer league?



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