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    I go WAAAAY back and I can assure you that I have never heard of a team in Ohio with prominence under the name of Lady Lookouts or Buckeye Charge. I do know of a solid squad in Michigan called the Michigan Lookouts but not an Ohio brand. I don't know every team in this region but most will tell you that I know just about every high caliber squad. I've had 2 daughters play in college (1 is graduated) and I've seen them all. I still say Lasers Aqua was the finest team in Ohio history ;)

    Anyway, please produce some proof that you attended the PGF nationals in Huntington Beach, CA and the path to how you qualified.

    To charge for a tryout appearance seems weird. I would even call the Lasers a money grab if they were doing it.
  2. The Lady Lookouts are familiar up in NE Ohio. AB is a well known pitching instructor up here. She did have a year where a well known coach on here was part of her org, but he has since left.

    AB, you have a good reputation, but I don't think you are going to get coaches at your try-outs poaching players without that well known coach I mentioned, and charging a fee for 14u and under is ridiculous.

    I do give you props though for the community service aspect.
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    Why comment and post and cry about it then? Just don't go.
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    AB listen, yes you do know me, vaguely. Ton of respect for you and what you've accomplished in this game. As a player and beyond. That goes without saying. And to answer your question.... Yes, I did play Div 1 Baseball at Kent State (albeit for 5 minutes...). And Professionally in the Frontier League after that. But that is irrelevant to any of this. My disagreement is solely on the fee. What is the fee for? What does a player get for their fee? Just the opportunity to tryout for this team?
    Yes, my comment about it being smug is directed at the thought that having to pay will deter players who "aren't good enough". I just don't like that I'm sorry. That's not a personal shot at you. That's just how it sounds to me. Maybe I just don't understand how these bigger organizations do things. We don't compete with them. I take whoever I can get, try to coach 'em up, and go play ball.
    I'm not on here to take shots at you or the success you've had. I know your teams, I've seen them play. What you do works. I cannot get on board with the fee that's all.
    I'm sure you will still have a hundred kids out there ready to go! Good luck, coach!
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    To “ No place like home “: who’s crying ?...I just asked a question to start this thread ...and I’m not going....chill out..
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    What organization do you run tschromm3?
  7. NoPlaceLikeHome

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    You asked a question, got an answer, and then kept going on and on about it. That's why I said that. Good Luck to you sir :)
  8. tschromm3

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    It's not an organization. It's just one team, the Ohio Black Sox.
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    What city are you out of? I haven’t seen a post for tryouts.
  10. tschromm3

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    Our home field is Kent Roosevelt High School. Our tryouts will be posted by end of day tomorrow.
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    well i say we start making them sign contracts too and we set up private work outs at our houses and charge them

    i am serious about the sign contracts
  12. streak22

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    the demarini team is charging 20 so dont take it out on just the charge
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    Why does everyone care so much about her charging a fee? I bet the ones on here complaining about it don't even have a child at that age group, or are looking into playing for her org.

    Do I think that charging a fee for a tryout is a good idea? NO
    Do I think that she will get a strong turnout? NO
    Would I take my DD to an "unknown" org charging a tryout fee? ABSOLUTELY NOT

    Let her do what she wants to do with her Org. Her team, her decision. If her plan doesn't work out, then she can drop the fee if she thinks that will help.
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    Guys and Gals, relax, many want to go straight venomous negative all the time.

    The fee may or may not be a good thing, that's up to each of you and your players, but the org president has explained their rational. From what I know of AB, I'd be extremely surprised if the fee went to anything other than the girls currently in the org. To clarify, Lady Lookouts(under the Lookouts baseball org) became Buckeye Charge(under AB).

    We may all disagree at times, but I know one thing. We need more people willing to dedicate their lives to the game and we have very few that can do that and even fewer that actually do it, coach AB has done that. That does not give you a pass, and puts you out there to be criticized at times, but its easy for parents or part timers to criticize people that put 100% of their career into fast pitch softball.

    If the fee does not work out, then it will prove itself out and it will die off.

    I'd say its easy to come on here and just blast someone, if you really care that much, maybe you could contact the organization and voice your concerns?

    My 2 cents.
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    I see absolutely no problem with charging a fee for tryouts. It's entertaining to read about all these dads and moms getting their underwear in a bunch over $10. It's $10!!!
    Even if this starts a firestorm and every org out there charges $10, how much does that put you out during tryout season? $30-40 max? have you been to a 3D movie lately? Have you eaten a medium serving of chicken wings? Have you purchased a composite bat?
    Remember guys if you cannot afford/begrudge $10 then you should not have your DD playing travel softball. Playing pay for play summer sports is really really expensive and you all have a choice to simply not participate.
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    It's not about the amount it's more about the audacity that an org feels only "serious" players will show up. Players show up and put all the effort into the tryout while coaches continue to treat most of them as second rate players. Most coaches see who they want in the first 15 minutes of a tryout yet these orgs will keep the funds no matter what. What would a coach say if a player (free agent) showed up to a tryout and said I want $10 for you to see me workout? There's no way a coach or organization would pay the fee.
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    Personally, I would not pay a fee unless my daughter really wanted to be on the team and she would pay it herself. She played for the Lookouts her first year of travel and we had a terrible experience. Despite promises from AB nothing changed so we moved on -- as parents though, we also take responsibility for not doing more research before choosing a team. I have seen a couple of the Buckeye Charge teams at tournaments this year and they were doing well. I hope AB and the organization have gotten back on track (maybe the CS is a new option this year, we were never offered this option). We don't all play for top tier teams but we still look for a quality team that can be competitive, good coaching, and in general an atmosphere where people respect each other.
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    It's called a discussion forum for a reason. Why did you bother commenting. SMH!!!
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    One word........ Garbage....
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    The forum is for General Discussions about the Game of Girls Fastpitch Softball. Not to attack any organization or coach etc. simply because you do not agree with a fee. The question was asked why is the fee charged. The answer was given. That should have been the end of it, however calling someone smug and arrogant really? I have seen several charge fees for tryouts.
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