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  1. The 2019/2020 Firecrackers Ohio 16U team has confirmed two more tryout dates to start our season.

    Sunday July 28th from 2 - 5pm @ Dublin Coffman HS
    Sunday August 4th from 12 - 3pm @ Dublin Coffman HS
    Sunday August 11th from 1 - 4pm @ Dublin Coffman HS
    Sunday August 18th from 1 - 4pm @ Dublin Coffman HS

    Still trying for two more dates on the East Side of Columbus to be convenient for everyone.

    The coaching staff has been compiled with a blend of parent and non-parent coaches with over 20 years of playing/coaching experience. We also have strength & conditioning and specials coaches on staff. All positions will be considered and we will compete at some of the biggest tournaments in the Ohio area as well as at the national level. If you're looking for an elite experience or just a new opportunity, we will hit the ground running to carry on the tradition the Firecrackers Organization has already built here in Ohio and across the country. Please contact us at to pre-register, request a private tryout or for more information.
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    But you're not going to tell us who these coaches are??
  3. Says the guy/gal who hides behind some vague name and comments on other peoples posts. Looks like you've got a ton of time on your hands. Maybe if you spent more time working on your fielding mechanics yours shins wouldn't be bruised.
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    Says the guy/gal who wants to know who the coaches are and finds it extremely suspicious that you're being so secretive. And pot, kettle.
  5. Head Coach: Charles Schultz

    Coaching Career:

    3 Conference Titles
    5 District Runner-ups
    Coached & Mentored 4 All-State players, 9 D1, 16 D2 and 7 D3 athletes

    College Playing Career:

    Youngstown State Baseball - 4 year starter
    2003 Louisville Slugger 1st Team All-American
    2003 All Newcomer Team
    2004 Horizon League Tournament Champion
    2005 Horizon League All-Tournament Team
    2006 NSCA Strength and Conditioning All-American

    High School Playing Career:
    4 Year Varsity Starter
    Team Ohio - Junior and Senior Year
    2x 1st Team All District
    2x 1st Team All-OCC

    The rest of our coaching staff will remain anonymous until their current seasons have come to a close and the appropriate conversations can be had. If you have any more questions give me a call/text (614-456-9375). Would love to chat, thanks!
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    I actually suggested not posting the remaining coaches names until their daughters current season is over. I personally don’t like when teams have private tryouts during the season for next years teams, and it seems a little along those lines to announce who’s coaching next years teams during the season. Many coaches could hold it against players leaving and it could potentially cause unwanted divisiveness on the current teams. If anyone is to blame for that it’s me.

    Gary Brown
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    That's all that had to be said. Perfectly understandable.
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    Actually graduated from Dublin Coffman High School way back when it was the only High School in Dublin.

    Will there be a 14U firecrackers team starting anywhere in the central Ohio area this year? I believe I saw there was one starting up near Cleveland but that would not work for us.
  9. There will be one 14u near Cleveland, 2 16Us (one near Cincy, ours in Columbus) and one 18u team also in Columbus.
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    Will the cincy 16u teams tryout dates be the same dates and place?
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    fall and summer schedule?
  12. As far as I know they will not be there. You can contact coach Eric Campbell at ( or 513-404-1001.
  13. In the fall we look to do at least 3 tournaments/showcases in the central Ohio area, possibly a fourth out of state, 2 team camps and some friendlies with a few top opponents. In the summer we will do 6 tournaments/showcases where we will both get the girls exposure and try to qualify for a national event which would be a 7th tournament. The tournaments will be a mix of in state (Ohio) and out of state events and will largely be dependent on the roster and where the girls would like to play at the next level. We will do our best to make sure we reach each girls desired college region so that they can have a chance to be seen by the coaches they are building relationships with.
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