Following Covid guidelines?

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by Weisp, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Weisp

    Weisp Member

    Just looking for a little input... not saying anyone is right or wrong... but are there any teams that are trying to truly follow recommended Covid guidelines?
  2. google1

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    We're playing ball. It's not up to me put my beliefs on my players & parents. All my parents/players have been given the guidelines and is up to them to decide for themselves what the choose to do.
    My job is to coach the team and to keep developing their skills and that's what I'm going to do.
    We played our 1st tournament this past weekend... I had 1 family that chose to sit out and "see how things go." Their decision was 100% respected by myself AND all the other players & parents.
    Everyone is okay to decide for themselves... I'll do my best to follow what I can but at the end of the day, my parents/players were told to do what they felt they needed to do and that's what they did!
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  3. City Slicker

    City Slicker Active Member

    I've seen so many pictures on social media from this past weekend of team pics, coaches huddles, awards ceremonies, etc.... No, people aren't following the guidelines and they're going to ruin it for everyone who is taking it slow!
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  4. Kudos to those who are taking it slow. Kudos to those who are playing. No one is going to shut down anything unless someone has a bug up their azz, and wants to try and ruin it for everyone else. Here's what will happen, someone's DD won't be getting enough PT, or pitching enough, or whatever the reason, get ticked and report guidelines aren't being followed....THAT'S how it will get ruined....JMO. PLAY BALL!!!!
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  5. Wolfpack31

    Wolfpack31 Active Member

    As a 10u team this weekend, we did our best. The tournament had 60+ teams of 10u-16u, playing in 3 different locations. While we weren't perfect, I can say from what I seen we were 1 of only a handful of teams who even made an attempt. Honestly I was a bit shocked based on all the emails, forms, etc that we received leading up to the tournament at how little things changed. Teams all in their dugout as usual, coaches having huddles as usual, giving high fives... Even watched a game where lineup cards were exchanged as usual, both coaches and both umpires met at the plate with no distance and all shook hands after coin toss.... And while my intent isn't to blame anyone, other then maybe an umpire or two that we had, there was little to zero enforcement of any of the Covid 19 rules.... It was basically "turn in your signed forms", then do what you want!

    Even more confusing for a 10u team as we preached all this to them the week leading up to the tournament, had them spaced out all down the fence line, only to look over and see their opponent in most cases going about the game as if nothing had changed.. I didn't know we had a choice?????
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  6. OHsoftball

    OHsoftball Active Member

    If you have a problem with it, don’t attend anymore tourneys. But don’t raise questions and ruin it for the ones who aren’t afraid and can see this all was a huge overreaction.
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  7. Wolfpack31

    Wolfpack31 Active Member

    You referring to me? All I did was provide feedback to the topic question
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  8. Weisp

    Weisp Member

    Wasn’t trying to create an argument as I said in my post, just looking for the thoughts of other teams. Thank you
  9. SonicMojo

    SonicMojo Active Member

    We'll find out in 2 or 3 weeks if there start to be cases in the travel softball community. I'm also anxious to see if there will be an uptick in cases in the protest/riot community. By the end of the month we ought to have a good handle on whether or not being outside has any influence on cases/transmission.
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  10. We might have a good idea, but unfortunately no one will give two hoots what we think. Maybe we'll see today's protest for Covid? PLAY BALL!!!
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  11. HITTER23

    HITTER23 Super Moderator Staff Member


    Being cautious doesnt make you afraid....
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  12. AnotherSoftballDad

    AnotherSoftballDad Active Member

    Needless to say, there have been many, many multiple mass gatherings in the last week that make softball tournaments look like a small gathering. We will see from all of that, what if anything becomes of mass gatherings and the virus. Softball tournaments are a blip on the radar at this point in regards to COVID and spreading the virus.
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  13. Passion4theGame

    Passion4theGame Super Moderator Staff Member

    I believe within 10-14 days this whole COVID thing will be swept under the rug. It's slowly being moved to the back burner by the media. They are on to the new HOT topic!! protesters, Looters & RIOTS!! Lock you and your Family in your homes by 6pm! Trump says he will deploy armed military where needed to stop this stuff. Anything they can do to scare people and try to get them to live in fear. SMH. I say BIG Middle Finger to that!
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  14. oiler_pride

    oiler_pride Active Member

    I hosted a 92 team tournament last weekend. I put alot of guidelines in place prior to the tournament, from extended dugouts where areas where roped off for teams only.. Some teams used them, most did not.. Plate and Mound conferences were good for most part. Either coach had face coverings on at the defensive mound conference with girls gloves up over there face or players were spaced out around the circle as coach stood 6 ft away. I had to remind umpires occasionally about no pregame plate meetings with coaches.

    I only had 2 teams where base coaches actually had face coverings on during the game even though not required. The rule that was followed the most was with game balls.. Defensive teams were completely responsible for the game balls and all foul balls went back through the defensive team dugout before going back into play..
  15. Weisp

    Weisp Member

    Cudos to you for making such a valid attempt to follow and encourage the guidelines! I think that is awesome!!
  16. Takedn2

    Takedn2 New Member

    Great job TD! IMO, there will be lots of people this year that will choose not to follow the rules, but then there will also be those that try to go by the book. That's normal, but the percentages may just be different. I just enjoyed being back on the field!!!
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  17. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    We will be playing in Canfield this weekend at Field of dreams. Lets see how it goes. We all signed waivers... there is a long list of guidelines. cant wait to see the girls on the dirt again! Will update next week. PLAY BALL!
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  18. #4mom

    #4mom Member

    In Troy this weekend. I know our team has to be there at 6:30 am for temp check during team check in. No bathrooms open. Concessions are open. If pitcher is caught licking fingers two time they are ejected from the tournament. 30 min breaks between game so dugouts can be sanitized. And each player has to carry they’re own hand sanitizer. Hope we can find it lol
  19. DLamb

    DLamb Member

    Diluted bleach 8% can be good sanitizer. 1 1/2 t / gallon is for disinfecting surfaces. I would say 3/4 t / gallon would do for hands if in a pinch. Or
    1/2 C of vodka or everclear to / gallon water might work.
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  20. SonicMojo

    SonicMojo Active Member

    Sanitizer is widely available

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