Friendly 3-Team Double Headers in NE Ohio

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    Warren Buckeye Charge is organizing 3-Team Double Header Friendlies on either Saturday or Sundays in July ($50/team).

    Warren Buckeye Charge facility - JV Johnson Community Park
    Address: 800 Gilmer Rd Leavittsburg OH 44430
    Format: 3- Team Double Headers
    Games: 7 inning or 70 minutes finish the inning, no new inning after 70 minutes. Open substitution all day, bat entire lineup. DP/FLEX is coach's decision.
    Umpire Fee: Cost: $50/Team for Umpire fee

    The JV Johnson Community Center park offers fun for the whole family with two playgrounds with swings, a walking/bike trail right beside the park, on site grills, restrooms and picnic pavilions. Snack concessions will be available as well.

    Teams will have plenty of area to warm up and access to batting cages with pitching machine.

    Contact Rich by email at

    **** Please post the dates that your team is available and I will coordinate from there! ****
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    Got a few teams interested in 20-21st and 27-28th. Please email your dates

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