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    My daughter's pitching coach thinks she needs to get a better shoe for pitching this offseason. She is only pitching a few days per week in our basement and once per week with her coach...she is not playing in a winter league. I looked at the Ringor Dynasty 2.0 Turf Pitching but it's pretty pricey. I'd hate to pay for the shoe for it only to last her one offseason due to growth. Any other options that people use? Maybe I need to bite the bullet and buy that shoe but if I can get the same result with another shoe cheaper than I'd rather do that. Thanks in advance.
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    My dd has the boombah squadron turf shoes.
    She's had them almost a year, wears them to pitching lessons , indoor practices and tournaments. Also wore them at berliner this summer. They've held up well for the price and she says they are very comfortable.
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    Just a quick opinion, younger kids are going to grow out of their shoes. We all know this. Pitchers are going to wear theirs out because it's the nature of the position being played. We all know this as well. Be sure to get them a shoe that fits and is comfortable for winter lessons and practice. Pitching is difficult enough to teach without them squirming in shoes that don't fit. It can distract and effect the mechanics to enough degree that bad habits can form. Whatever the cost pay it. The pitch begins like the construction of a new house-------with the foundation. Blisters and sore feet can alter everything. A poor foundation can cause a house to fall apart. Get your money's worth out of winter lessons by insuring she can pitch comfortably each week.
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    I know Ringor's are more expensive shoes...still I know my daughter used them for six plus years, two different field shoes (color combo) and one pair of turf shoes. she was her teams number most of that time, and they never wore out, Ringor's also can provide you with spacers for her shoes.
    good luck to your daughter.


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