heard rumor - PA masks mandatory now?

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by DanMaz, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. DanMaz

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    i HOPE this is just a rumor.... heard PA governor made it mandatory to wear mask in public.

    anyone got info on this?
  2. kbruce202

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    The following is part of what we received from a TD for this coming weekend:


    According to Governor Wolf’s guidelines: Coaching staff and other personnel should

    always wear face covering (masks or face shields), unless doing so jeopardizes their health. Face

    coverings are important when social distancing is difficult
  3. IRdad09

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  4. Stedman00

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    PA governor is a whack a do. court challenges are already filed on this.
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  5. Hearing from someone I trust that a statewide mandate in Ohio is on it's way along with another in the shutdown in the near future. I hope they are wrong. Dewine has a 2pm press conference scheduled. Not feeling very confident that my team is going to get their tournaments in the next two weeks.
  6. DanMaz

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  7. IRdad09

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    With other states issuing these mandates and with DeWine's happy trigger finger on shutting things down, I'm sure we won't be far behind. Here is to hoping that is not true.
  8. jayflyer98

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    If anything bar/clubs could get shut down... I can't see how we can go back to mass shutdowns. Yes, cases are going up. But they seem to be the "younger" crowd testing positive. Take a look at the deaths in Ohio. Still not spiking like cases are and still over 70% of Ohio deaths have come from nursing home type settings. Both sides need to stop making this political and look at the facts.

    1. This is a very bad virus for the at risk population, which is a small %. We need to protect them, period. It can be done.
    2. Kids do very well with this virus. They need sports, they need school...
    3. Distancing and proper hygiene does help. So be smart, stay away from Grandma and Grandpa after a softball weekend to be safe. If you do see them, keep some distance. Wash your hands and explain to them why. They will understand.

    Bottom line, we all need to be smart. Sucks this is happening during an election year, both sides are positioning themselves in a way they feel will help them this November.
  9. IRdad09

    IRdad09 Active Member

    Agreed 100%. If bars and clubs are open there is zero chance there is much if any social distancing going on. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
  10. Dale Brigger

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    If forced to wear a mask all you have to do is say you cannot for health reasons. No one can ask you what those health reasons are and if they do, you do not have to answer. This mask thing is getting a little over the top and courts have already ruled that no government official can "force" anyone to wear a mask. Individual businesses can require a mask for entry, and at that point it is your decision whether you go into that business or not. Outside venues in 90+ degree weather is the safest place right now anyway. I hope now that Dr. Doom has left her post, DeWine will not be so quick on the trigger. These experts and government officials have no idea what the long term ramifications are going to be for keeping these kids off fields, out of schools, and away from friends. Let's hope some common sense will eventually prevail here.
  11. wpaguy

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    We are playing in one of the Largest PA tournaments of the year 147 teams 10-18u . This weekend . 99% sure this will still go as planned . The mask requirement I as I understand is : Anything inside , mask is required ...If outside and you can maintain 6 feet distance or if you are with direct family members ...no mask required .......If you CAN'T maintain 6 feet distance , mask is required ........In regards to games , no mask is needed on the field by players .....if in the dugout , mask should be worn if you cant distance more than 6 feet...after this weekend who knows what will happen
  12. HITTER23

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    City of Dayton has a mask in public ordinance starting tomorrow, it carries a 85 dollar fine if you dont. Dayton is the hot spot in Ohio right now for cases. i wouldnt be surprised if Dewine makes the state go with it also.
  13. City Slicker

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    These experts also do not know the long term ramifications to the body if the virus is contracted.

    Not saying if I am for or against a mask but the bottom line is, just be smart. This thing is not going away any time soon.
  14. Run26

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  15. Franklin county is nearing ‘level 4’ status (the worst) per the press conference today.. not looking good for Buckeye Recruitfest next weekend.
  16. coachjwb

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    I could care less about the politics ... I just care about my health and the health of those I love. This is a global pandemic ... not something ginned up by the Democrats, though no doubt they will use it against Trump. I understand people objecting to having to wear masks but keep in mind that it's for the safety of others, and I personally believe the government actually has a responsibility to protect us all not that much different than the reason we have stoplights and laws to observe them so we don't kill each other. It's clear from the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths that what we define as "freedom" in the U.S. is costing us thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in medical expenses. If we want to eventually have everything open and back to normal, not have to wear masks any longer, and most importantly not lose (or worse yet cause to kill) anyone we love, then lets follow what the medical professionals (and not necessarily the politicians) tell us to do. No one will be happier when this is all over than those same medical professionals. Just my humble opinion ...
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  17. ALLPH0

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    The sooner this pandemic is over the better everyone will be. I hate watching the girls wear mask but I understand why

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