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    Hillsdale College, an NCAA Division II school located in southern Michigan, will host two camps in August. The first camp is Tuesday, Aug. 8 and the second is Wednesday, Aug. 9. Hillsdale is about three hours from Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton, 3.5 from Akron/Canton and Cincinnati, 4.5 from Pittsburgh and one hour from Toledo.

    Hillsdale College is a small, liberal arts school with an average ACT of 29.5. We have most majors, but not education or engineering. About 3/4 of the softball team is majoring in the sciences (Biology, BioChem, Pre-Med, Exercise Science, etc). The academics are rigorous and the college considers the U.S. Constitution and the founding of the country to be good things, rather than something to tear down. The softball team has finished first or second in team GPA for the last five years and always higher than the general student body. The softball team has had winning seasons five of the last six years and its best season in its Div. II history in 2016. We are now in the GMAC conference, which has one from Tennessee, one from Kentucky, three from West Virginia, seven from Ohio and Hillsdale.

    We limit our camps to 45 girls and the staff is made up of our coaching staff and about 3/4 of our players. Typically about 95% of the campers at our camps are serious travel ball players who are potentially interested in attending Hillsdale to play softball. We try to make our camps a personal experience, with interaction for each camper with the coaching staff and our players. We do not include high school seniors in the camp brochure, because we know we will be finished with that class by August before their senior year (seniors can still register for the camp if they wish, knowing we are done recruiting the class). The camps will probably sell out by mid-July.

    Please contact Head Coach Joe Abraham with questions at jabraham@hillsdale.edu or on my cell at 614-271-4070. Please understand that we cannot return a call or e-mail about any recruiting matters (only camp information) until June 15 after the sophomore year.

    Hillsdale Softball Camps
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    Aug. 8 camp filling up fast. Aug. 9 camp still has plenty of openings.

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