Hitting a ball over the fence using a TEE

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  1. bgandtwins

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    This past weekend, I was watching a team practice and saw a 18u Player hit a Home Run off a TEE. I have never seen that but I'm wondering if anybody has? It wasn't a fluke. She hit 3 ball's over the fence and 5 others hit the fence. Out of 10 total swings.The fence was normal height at 6 feet and 200 feet away
  2. OHsoftball

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    my daughter does, she likes to do tee work that way and see how many she can hit over.
  3. CoachB25

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    My dd was fairly proficient at this. In fact, in college this was an activity Coach often used to lighten up practice and let the girls laugh some. They picked teams and played tee ball. A couple of years ago, they had video up on their college website of some of these practices and I got to watch the kid hit a few out.
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    Once in awhile I will take one of my students to the field with a homerun fence. I soft toss from home plate on the outside of the plate. I have them work the right center gap. One to show them they have the swing and power to hit one over with out being pitched too. I also am a big fan of working away, were many pitchers pitch you....

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    Its good to set up workouts with games.

    When my DD was 8/9 we would set the tee up at second base and soft toss from there trying to hit or go over the fence. As she got older 10/11 we went back to pitchers plate and by 12 all workouts were at home plate.

    As she got over 14 we would also practice throwing up a ball at home plate and practice placing it in or close too a bucket by the fence or, just hit it over the fence in a marked area.

    It helps the ladies stay committed to practice and makes practice fun. Some say this stuff brings in bad habits but I have never had any ladies have issues and we were always decent hitting teams.
    Another thing it helped was the players ability to hit infield. My DD was one of only a couple ladies on her college team that could throw up a ball and place it for infield drills.

    Amazing after working several NFCA event how many college players D1 and lower cannot hit infield or place hit a ball.
  6. TheSoftballZone

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    I'm impressed and would love to watch this.
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    off a T ?

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