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    My name is Gary Shepherd. I'm a high school coach at Fox, Oklahoma. I call this drill BAT AROUND THE HORN. It works on every aspect of the game--Hitting, Fielding, Throwing, Base Running and requires two teams of 5 players. (It can be played with 6 players or more but each player scores for herself.)

    One team takes the field at 1b,2b,ss,3b, and c. The other team is at bat. The batter hits a ground ball (from a tee, soft toss, or just toss the ball up and hit it). Fly balls are outs. An infielder catches the ball and throws to 1b. 1b then throws to one of the other infielders. That fielder throws back to 1b. 1b then throws to the other infielder (who hasn't touched the ball) who throws back to 1b. The ball then goes around the horn (1b to ss to 2b to 3b) and then to the catcher.

    Each fielder must touch her base before throwing except for around the horn and home. If the batter-runner can run all the way home before the ball gets home, 1 run scores. If the ball gets home first, one putout is made. Fielders rotate one position clockwise and next batter hits. Each Fielder has caught 3 ball and made 3 throws. Every catch and throw must be accurate or a run scores. Bat until 3 outs are made and change sides. Batters need to wear helmets. Play 3-7 innings. With more than 10 players - Fielders can rotate in at 3b.

    Here's an example in case my explanation was not clear:

    Ball hit to 3rd.
    3b catches batted ball, steps on 3rd, throws to 1b
    1b catches ball, steps on 1st, throws to ss
    ss catches ball, steps on 2nd, throws to 1b
    1b catches ball, steps on 1st, throws to 2b
    2b throws to 1b (now around the horn)
    1b throws to ss
    ss throws to 2b
    2b throws to 3b
    3b throws to c and c steps on home plate

    Hope my contributions to the forum help sombody out there.

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