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  1. wilsey73

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    I know we all want to be playing ball soon...I know all you fine coaches and parents are scrambling to get it going...You folks forgot 1 thing, us umpires....With out us there's no tournament. There are alot of us who aren't going to umpire, you'll have you few cowboys who think they'll be able to do it. We have to think for our best interests too.
    As you all read, us umpires have to wear masks at all time. Impossible, especially the plate umpires.. Breathing Co2 is not healthy at all. We all know how it is at Berliner, 120° on the turf...
    We want to be out there too! We're just hoping our higher ups can help get these restrictions moved out...Please understand, we wanna play too!! Thank you
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  2. Mad Hornet

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    Don't sunglasses count as a "face covering"? Doesn't actually say "mask" per se. It says face covering. It also doesn't say you have to wear it on your face.
  3. mroby5172

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    It doesn't say you have to wear a mask, it says a face covering which can be a thin gaiter and they are not bad at all. I have worn them before.
  4. PaulP

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    If we’re able to get enough umps, then I hope everyone (especially parents) will appreciate how difficult this will be for them. No one should whine if the umpires can manage through this.
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  5. Catcher '08

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    Couldn't the umps just put a Corona mask on the bottom part of their Umpire facemask. I would think this would be acceptable. Then it wouldn't be against your mouth and nose and you could breathe a little easier.
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  6. DanMaz

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    what about the plastic face shield put on the inside of the facemask with a cloth mask attached to catch the virus particles? i am getting a patent
  7. BretMan2

    BretMan2 TSZ/OFC Umpire in Chief

    Just my informal survey from talking to other umpires tells me that a lot of them will not be umpiring until all of these restrictions are lifted.

    People keep saying how awful it would be to wear a mask on a 90° day. My personal experience is that it would be uncomfortable in temperatures even far below that.

    I recently started a job that requires physical exertion and also requires a mask. This is in temperatures way below 90°, typically room temperature of less. When you exert yourself, you get hotter and breathe faster. When you wear a mask, you breathe in your own hot air and that makes you even hotter. You also require more oxygen, but you’re getting less since you’re breathing in your own carbon dioxide.

    This is a horrible combination that has made for a miserable experience. Yes, hot summer temperatures would make it even worse, but it’s bad even in far cooler temps.

    A couple of months ago, if you had asked me if I’d be willing to umpire with a mask I would have said “sure” because I didn’t realize what it might be like. But now that I have some real world experience to base my answer on, my answer would be “probably not”.

    I can see a very real problem with a shortage of umpires to cover the typical weekend tournaments.
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  8. Captain_Thunder

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    You don't need a plastic piece and a cloth piece. Just a piece of plastic attached to bottom of mask!
    Same for infield Ump and Coaches, a plastic face shield will do. I called the county health department yesterday and they confirmed that would be fine...

    Still not the greatest, but doable...
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  9. I found a picture of a hockey style face mask with the surgical type face covering on the outside bars. The regulations do not spell out that it has to be affixed to your ears, just cover your face. I also thought someone posted that they contacted their local health dept and mentioned the face mask the girls wear on defense being approved to keep on the bench. I shouldn't put this in print but I am not going to get nasty if a girl takes it off to move her hair back or catch her breath for a few seconds.

    And actually a place that sells bowling supplies has the clear gaiter type cover which still shows your mouth but is covered by plastic. As many of you have probably heard I throw the ball down the lane once in awhile during the winter months to have something to do. I'm a little claustrophobic with something wrapped around my face so I may grab these to wear at the park:

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  10. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    Great thought, BUT, the Health Department in your area may be OK, but each little kingdom may not agree.
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  11. Softydad

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    I don't blame you or any of the umps one bit. This is exactly what I was referring to when I questioned the state guidelines requiring any masks at all, but especially the umps. It's nonsensical and dangerous, but this is what happens when govt ignores the recommendations of those who actually know what they're talking about like Mike Craig and instead arbitrarily decide they know better regardless of the input from those who ACTUALLY do know better. The Governors order to allow youth sports starting May 26th will be completely irrelevant unless his people start listening to those who know how to run these individual sports. Especially for softball that is played out in the open air in the sunshine with plenty of space there's just no reason to over-regulate it like they are, as there's no proof of transmission of the virus outside in any instance that I've ever heard of in 2 months of wall to wall coverage on TV and everywhere else. It came out this past Monday in the governor's press conference that over 67% of ALL deaths in Ohio since April 15th are older people in nursing homes or long-term care facilities...67%!!. The state knows this... it was obvious by Dewine's reaction to the question that he's well aware of this but he doesn't want everybody running free because Amy Acton has everyone paranoid. They know that over two-thirds of those dying in Ohio are older people in longterm care facilities, therefore when those deaths are factored in it greatly minimizes the true risk to the general population. This means the total Covid19 deaths in Ohio from the beginning not from nursing homes is around 500, which is a miniscule % of the general population...about 4.5 deaths total per 100k in the entire state of Ohio since the beginning of the pandemic...pretty amazing.
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  12. Love2Coachball

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    That is almost exactly what I was told today when I called ODH. The term says "face covering" NOT mask. And, look online for information about Americans with Disabilities Act. If for any reason you cannot wear a mask, no one can ask why. You may have disability... just sayin'.
  13. Love2Coachball

    Love2Coachball New Member

    You are so right! What the heck do people need masks for in the open air and sun? It is in the nursing homes with stale air and an elderly population where this thing runs crazy. Kids on a ball field are not at risk and neither are the coaches and umpires. Insanity.
  14. nwbackstop

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    Where are all the bleacher umps, the way down the left field line umps, the under the canopy umps , heres your chance to get in the game.
    I know youre out there, I see hundreds of you every weekend at every park.
    All kidding aside the need for umpires has never been greater. Hopefully we can come to some kind of resolution to the face covering issue or all these young ladies may lose their summer.
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