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    15 years ago I started a journey with the NFCA and began my quest to be a better coach. With classes in the NFCC, I made strives to improve myself and bring back to the local area the most complete and up to date information I could obtain. I share it with the girls and their families that love this game. I have always said if you are teaching the fundamentals and mechanics of the sport the wrong way, time does not make it right. I wanted to be sound and secure I am doing the right thing. The instructors for the NFCC courses are arguably the best in the world----certainly the country. The list of my instructors is a "Who's Who" of the game with most in the Hall of Fame or still actively coaching at the highest level.

    I am going to toot my horn for a minute selfishly because I have now completed a milestone in my life. This week I took another step to improve myself and reach a personal goal. I traveled to Chicago (on my own dime as always) and completed course 402A in Advanced Pitching and Analysis. With this completion I have been awarded my "Two Star Master Coach" certification. This is a distinctive group. I am very proud to be a member. I want to thank the NFCA and the NFCC for being so kind. I know it couldn't have been an easy job teaching this old dog how to hunt! Trust me when I say it has been an honor to learn from the best. I have learned and grown in so many ways, much more than I can ever put into words.

    One of the things I am most proud of is that I have never charged anyone a dime to teach this game. I still continue to host pitching lessons all winter. This winter I'm working with about 18 young ladies varying in age from 9-17 yrs old. Most of my lessons are 1 on 1. This is my way of promoting the game and trying to have a positive impact on today's youth. I want to give back to society and I'm hoping the life lessons thru sports will be a positive influence in a world that is trying so hard to implode. Some may say it was an item from my bucket list to check off. I say it is merely another opportunity to improve myself so others can benefit from my experiences.

    To everyone that took the time to read this post, thank you for caring for this game like I do.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Paul Hazlett aka daboss
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    Congrats, Paul! Thank you for all of your work in the game.
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  4. Great Job Paul!! I have witnessed your passion and caring for the sport and the players! Hurry up and get your 3 star! I'm at 3 star and want to get the final 4 star. I think you have to go to the world series to get it. That's a great reason for us to go! :) Congratz and see ya around the fields!
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