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Discussion in 'General Softball' started by Judge, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Judge

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    What say you Kangaroo Court on switching teams prior to the end of the season?

    Misdemeanor, Death Penalty, or "who cares"?

    Different rulings for:

    "Player" who leaves?

    "Coach" who takes player in?

    SOFTBALLS14 Member

    Teach players how to stay committed no matter the situation ..... prepare them for the next level .....( you cant jump ship in College till season is over!).... Coaches should only take those that have been released !!
    Do the right thing set the example coaches!!
    Enough Said!
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  3. Wishuwereme

    Wishuwereme Member

    Sorry, I can’t resist.

    I’d love to see Bink’s answer to this question.
  4. Farmdad

    Farmdad Member

    At the beginning of our travel experience...in the fall of 2017, I was a very strong supporter of "honor your commitment." In my posts, I wrote words like "life lessons, parents setting a good example, blah blah blah." In that short period of time, my daughter has met some adults that at best we shall call hypocrites, and at worst are just plain out liars with no integrity. I no longer have a problem with leaving a team where there is a "valid" bad situation. I'm paying a lot of money to an organization and expect certain things. As a coach, I'm not bringing in players unless I have injuries or players absent. Subs should bat at the bottom of the order and come into games as subs...not start in front of kids on the team from the beginning.
  5. jpkeating

    jpkeating Member

    Sounds like someone has a axe to grind
  6. JanSkiz

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  7. JanSkiz

    JanSkiz New Member

    With teams/coaches that don’t honor their commitment and disrespect players, players should be able to leave. It’s a two way street. As a parent of a player, you pay a lot of money to see your daughter play and have fun doing what she loves. When it doesn’t become fun for her, time to move on. Unfortunately, you don’t always know that.
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  8. brownsfan

    brownsfan Member

    As much as I agree on the commitment piece; it’s tough when they see their favorite college players do it too (fall into spring) or flat out quit before season ends to play for a different college. Sure there may be legit reasons like being closer to family, but in the end parents and players MUST do the research on the coach and team. Then again maybe commitment is something of the past like discipline (yeah I’m old school)
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  9. CARDS

    CARDS Active Member

    I do not think you can have a blanket response since each situation is different. Like Browns Fan said a lot of parents do not do homework or, fall into the trap of not knowing what or where there DDs skills fall on a team. Thus why college transfers are at an all time high and over 30 percent of female athletes do not fulfill scholarship obligations. On the travel ball side the ability to travel sometimes come into play if a parent looses or changes jobs. There are also a lot of inexperienced coaches out there. They may be good managers of talent but not able to develop talent or at the older ages have college connections. This leads to the over commit and under deliver situations with parents. While it’s rare a parent should never wave a child on a team with an abusive coach. The good news is most parents and players do stick with there teams.
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  10. streak22

    streak22 Member

    well it would help if a lot the coaches were not used car salesmen. They tell you one thing they do another im sorry the players pay the bill to play not the coaches.... And when they are not having fun they why would you waste your time and more money. I am all up for staying committed i have been at the same job for 25 years but if they were lying to me i would of quit.
  11. Farmdad

    Farmdad Member

    I'm rather old school on the commitment/discipline thing as well. But there are many other opportunities in my kid's life to learn those lessons. For example, I would never let me kid quit her rec or school teams. For some reason I've come to see travel ball as a unique situation...maybe its the money, I honestly don't know.

    And I don't understand why it seems so many college girls change teams. But this year I noticed the commentators saying things like "she played for so-and-so last year." What is driving this? What are the rules regarding when you can play as a transfer?
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  12. OhPhat

    OhPhat Active Member

    I totally agree that each situation is definitely different. I agree that players should honor IF the coaches honor theirs as well.

    Unfortunately in the fall my DD commuted to a team that based on the coach had a good group of already committed talented players. After fall season started it was apparent that this group of talent was not even close to what was conveyed. Fast forward to winter and my DD and the other couple of talented girls were miserable on the team due the lack of talent behind them. At that point I told my daughter that she was allowed to make the decision to move on which she did. For her it was the best decision as she is now part of a very talented team which forces her to work harder than ever before to earn playing time.

    I want to be clear that if my DD was originally on a talented team where the coach was living up to the commitments, she would not have been given the option to leave regardless if she was getting playing time or not.
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  13. Long Baller

    Long Baller Active Member

    I certainly agree with performing your due diligence on the team and coach, but it simply isn't as easy as it sounds. Once you have been around travel for awhile, you tend to know pretty much everything about all the org's and who the respectable coaches are. If you are new to travel, then not so much. I remember how hard it was to gather information about teams when my oldest was new in 10U. It was literally a crap shoot. Even this site is practically no help in that matter. What happens when someone tries to post a negative (but warranted) experience with a particular org on this site????? Anyone remember the moderator that would delete threads just because he didn't agree with them? You can't get useful information out to the people that need it if it gets suppressed on here.
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  14. Cougerfan

    Cougerfan New Member

    I am big on honoring a commitment you make to a team. However, I agree with farmdad. The coaches always tell the girl's to honor their commitment. But every year about this time of year coaches start picking up subs and playing them in front of girls that they choose last summer. We expect the players who are kids to honor their commitment but the coaches who are adults don't have to. I get injuries happen. But how often have we seen as parents who payed to have our dd on a team . Watch a sub play while a member of are team sits on the bench. We want the girl's to honor a team that will cast aside a player in a heartbeat for another girl who they feel is better. Before we try to convince parents that their daughters should honor their commitments we should work on coaches and organizations to honor the commitment they first made to their players.
  15. brownsfan

    brownsfan Member

    A lot and I mean a lot choose the coach and not the school. So if a certain coach gets a better opportunity; some of the players will follow. Others who liked the coach but wasn't strong enough to be "invited" go to another school afraid of the how the new coach may be. Some college coaches are like used car salesmen and are the Jeckle/Hyde of coaching so after one year; they're gone. Others choose the coach only to find out they are a true old school style coach in regards to accountability only and player was never really held accountable and transferred.

    As for the rules, they're fairly lenient and hoping that gets changed.

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