Lady Lookouts 2019/2020 - Coaching Opportunity

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    Looking for Coaches.
    8u, 10u, 12u, 14u

    Quality coaching makes all the difference!!

    Have an understanding of strategy
    Able to incorporate individual goals into a team concept.
    Have good communication skills with the player and the parents.
    Organizational skills for practice and game plans.
    Have the ability to teach, explain and demonstrate all skills related to the game.
    Knowledge of the rules more than the players, parents and (at times) the umpires.


    Please contact
    Jason Queen at 330-690-6576.
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    Coaching staffs are being filled for all age groups. A couple of positions are still available, if interested please contact and see what we are all about.....
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    Still looking for
    14u - Coach - 2 positions filled would like 1 more
    10u - Coach - 1 position filled would like 1 more


    Join the Organization - Or Bring your whole team

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