Let's hear about the Weekly HS Drama

Discussion in 'Softball Parent Discussions' started by Xrayaries, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    Well we all have situations at the HS level we like to laugh, rant, and just be pissed about. Let's here you HS softball drama.

    Please no names or HS. Just the story or event.
  2. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    I'll start.

    My DD is the best hitter in the program. Her home run today only proves me right. She deserves to be on varsity.
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  3. AnotherSoftballDad

    AnotherSoftballDad Active Member

    2-0 to start the season. Blessed to have no drama (or very little). We are in the minority I know......bring on the season.
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  4. yocoach

    yocoach Super Moderator Staff Member

    My HS team is very young and quite small. We have 13 players and 4 of those have never played the game before. No TB players whatsoever. Out of the 4, one has been to a total of 4 practices including one scrimmage. We were warming up for the scrimmage and the last of the players were hitting balls off of the tee into the net. This particular player gets in front of the tee, looks at me and asks, "Coach, how do I swing the bat?" o_O 10 minutes before the game is about to start wasn't exactly the right time to try and teach her...
  5. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    I guess this is where the saying come from "patience is key".
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  6. daboss

    daboss Well-Known Member

    Xrayaries, This coach is beyond patience. yocoach should be nominated for sainthood..............

    God bless all of them. I hope they're having fun. There are many different things that can happen in the game that could nervously put somebody on the verge of pee'ing themselves. I believe this one ranks at the top for a coach. lol
  7. Bob_Himmelein

    Bob_Himmelein Moderator

    This happened awhile ago, I was coaching JV at a small private school. One young lady, when asked which had she threw with, stated she didn't know. When she was asked why she came out for softball, she had a truly honest answer, that only a 9th grader would give. She said she had to do a spring sport or take gym. she then added, she heard you run less in softball.
    Turns out she was a great kid, worked hard and actually developed into a useable player.
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  8. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    here is some drama... why is nobody able or allowed to use the high school Baseball field but rec teams line up during the high school softball games waiting to use their field when the softball game is finished..... cant use the high school baseball field but who cares about the high school softball field. why is there a double standard?? smh lol jk
  9. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    Im assuming the coach has a stake in the Rec league. We have plenty of fields for rec to practice so we don't see those issues. I would bet rec teams in your area have beautiful baseball fields for rec ball. With limited supply of rec softball fields.
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  10. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    Here we go. My daughter has a .500 avg on JV she should be on varsity. 2 girls on varsity are hitting under .300. I'm going to the AD and have him move my girl up.
  11. yocoach

    yocoach Super Moderator Staff Member

    @Xrayaries, I'm genuinely curious as I know many of the larger HS's in some areas (not ours) do have quality pitching at both levels. I'm assuming sarcasm on your part but I wonder how many would actually do this?

    As a side note, my HS team won their first game Friday. Their catcher couldn't/wouldn't drop and block and their pitchers got wild in the later innings allowing 6 runs to cross the plate in the bottom of the 6th giving us the lead. Their catcher had an emotional breakdown after that and became totally ineffective. Luckily, we held them to 5 batters with no other runs scoring in the top of the 7th. Obviously, we were the home team.
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  12. 9ball

    9ball Member

    I assumed it was a joke statement.
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  13. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    This being my last year my daughter has always played on varsity. This type of thing has been going on since she was a freshman. Seniors crying because freshman are playing over them. The sad thing is the AD bows to them and forces the hands of the coaches.
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  14. DanMaz

    DanMaz Super Moderator Staff Member

    you mean all positions are not open for competition? Come on Man!!!! like everyone gets a trophy... smh, and that's the problem with this society.
  15. jt7663

    jt7663 Active Member

    The Drama CREATED by the Coach & Staff was @ Tryouts or lack thereof Did cut 4 Girls But they stayed on as Managers they don't play games but take Reps away from team During Practices! Team has 21 Players
  16. yocoach

    yocoach Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's insane. Keep the 4 that were cut. Now you have 25 players. Varsity and JV teams of 12-13 players and if necessary, bounce position players in between. It's truly not that hard to figure out.
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  17. Xrayaries

    Xrayaries Active Member

    It's sad but true. This year so far we have only had one vocal mom but it's bound to happen more as we get deeper in the season.

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