Let's hear it for incredible sportsmanship!

Discussion in 'General Softball Discussions' started by CoachTEA, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Folks - we get a lot of beefing on this site about clueless clowns and jerk, but I want to share something happen today that was an incredible display of class and sportsmanship. We were playing Canal Crush in bracket play (single elimination) and they were up maybe 4-0 in the 3rd inning or so. With 2 runners on, their hitter lifted a shallow fly ball into right fielder. Our second baseman and right fielder had an extremely violent collision and both players went down in heaps. The Crush scored the runner from third, but decided to hold the other runners even though they could have easily scored. Our right fielder was knocked out of the game on concussion protocol. We were roster batting and had no subs, and instead of taking the free out the Crush lobbied the umpires to allow us to collapse the roster. They ended up winning and I hope they win it all today! A very classy and caring bunch; I salute you gentlemen and players!!!
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  2. HITTER23

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    HERE, HERE.... Thats awesome, just when you think the world had just about went to hell in a hand basket, something like this happens. Thanks for sharing. That coach needs recognized.
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    That beautiful sportsmanship. Thanks for sharing. I really miss summer ball now that DD is graduated. Gotta get out and root for those Buckeye Heat 10u.
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    WOW, where has time gone? Seems like just a couple years ago we were enjoying the accomodations at all those comfort inns together.
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    Agree ... thanks for sharing and way to go Canal Crush! Hope your players are both OK TEA,
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    Thanks coach! One is under concussion protocol, BUT she seems great and more concerned about her jammed thumb. The other girl's ankle swelled up and refused to come out of the game (dad was okay with her on the field); she got x-rays and good news: No break, but sprained and on crutches this week. She is hoping to come back on Saturday, but we will see. ;-)

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